2022 Fly Fishing Show Consumer Choice Awards Award Winners Announced

This was the inaugural year of the Fly Fishing Show Consumer Choice Awards presented by The Fly Fishing Show, Fly Fusion Magazine and industry publication Angling Trade. Similar to other award programs, they received 222 products from 80 brands in 32 categories. They recently announced the winners of each category, and the Best of Show award went to Abel ROVE!

Check out all the award winners in the press release below!

From the Fly Fishing Show and Angling Trade:

Every fly fishing product from boots to sunglasses was put under the scrutiny of anglers who actually have the opportunity to use, wear and test the items for the 2022 Consumer’s Choice Awards, co-sponsors announced: The Fly Fishing Show, Fly Fusion Magazine, and industry publication Fishing trade.

Abel ROVE won the fresh and salted fly reel categories, resulting in Best of Show awards.

Nominations were open to all Fly Fishing Show exhibitors with 32 “Best of” categories.

“The team at The Fly Fishing Show, Fly Fusion Magazine and Angling Trade are extremely pleased with the results and voter turnout in this inaugural year. This is the only industry award that is open to consumer participation,” said The Fly Fishing Show President and CEO Ben Furimsky.

Best on Show award-winning Abel ROVE reels feature an integral structural machining design to withstand the demands of the traveling angler; a closed frame to prevent any possibility of the line getting caught between the frame and the reel; double locking paws on all sizes; quick change reel; user convertible drag system; and high capacity, large arbor reel for one- or two-handed rods, among other features.

The results of the 2022 Consumer Choice Awards are:

Eco Friendly: Fall Run Hooded Jacket – Simms Fishing Products

Flight Binding Materials: Cordeiro’s Flat Saddles – Flatwing – Ewing Feather Birds

Accessories Under $100: Canyon Creek Chest Pack – Fish

Accessories Over $100: Nomad Emerger – Brown Trout – Fish

Sunglasses: Reefton PRO – Costa Sunglasses

Gift Under $100: Original RiverMag Fly Box – Fish

Freshwater Combo: MMH Fly Combo – 5 Weight – Adamsbuilt Fishing

Saltwater Combo: Nighthawk X Fly Combo – Fenwick

Youth clothing/clothing products: Tenderfoot Youth Vest – Fish

Fun/Education: Connecting Fly for All – Trout and Fin

Fly Box/Storage System: Tacky Original RiverMag Fly Box – Fish

Fly Hook: Umpqua XC210BL-BN Mega Gap Perdigon Hook – Umpqua

Vises and Tie Tools: True Butterfly Tie Swivel Vise – HMH TRV

Luggage (bags, backpacks): Dry Creek Z Backpack – Simms Fishing Products

Pack and Vest: Dry Creek Z Sling Pack – Simms Fishing Products

Boat/Personal Watercraft: Kodiak Raft Package – Master Water

Freshwater Line: Amplitude Textured Infinity – Scientific Anglers

Saltwater Line: Smooth Amplitude Grand Slam – Scientific Anglers

Leader and Advisor: The absolute leader of trout – scientific anglers

Freshwater Flight Pattern: Formerly known as Prince – Orvis Flight

Saltwater Fly Pattern: Joe Calcavecchia’s Dragon Striper – Custom Saltwater Flies

Freshwater Rod: R8 CORE 590-4 – Sage

Saltwater Rod: Mangrove Shore – Temple Fork Experts

Tenkara Rod: Tanuki Shinobi 395 -Tenkara Tanuki

Freshwater reel: ROVE – Abel Reels

Saltwater Reel: ROVE – Abel Reels

Men’s Guide: Stockingfoot Wader Men’s G3 Guide – Simms Fishing Products

Men’s Outerwear: Guide G3 Jacket – Simms Fishing Products

Men’s General Clothing: SolarFlex Guide Men’s Cooling Hoody – Simms Fishing Products

Men’s Boots: Flyweight Access Boots – Simms Fishing Products

Women’s Guides: Stockingfoot Wader Women’s G3 Guide – Simms Fishing Products

Women’s Overalls: Women’s SolarFlex Cooling Hoody – Simms Fishing Products

There were 80 brands represented by 222 products nominated in 32 categories in the inaugural fly fishing consumer competition.

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