30 Best Socks for Hunters 2022

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Published on November 4, 2022 10:59 am

Many hunting gifts are big-ticket items (think: shotguns, Sitka waders, or blinds), but there are also some really great socks for hunters out there. Whether it’s a Yeti mug, a new Mossy Oak hunting knife, or a set of Rage broadheads, you can find plenty of gifts that are small enough to fit in a stocking. Even more important? They’re actually useful—and actually something your giftee will enjoy opening.

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best socks for hunters and bowhunters in 2022, including gifts for deer hunters, duck hunters, and more.

Duck commander's call

While there are many duck calls to choose from, the Duck Commander Classic Commander is the most popular at Cabela’s. Not only does it look good—it’s made of lacquered wood and gorgeous cedar—it also works well, according to hunters who say it’s helped them call a lot of birds. They like that it is easy to use and gives a clear call.

Winchester Shotshells

Ammunition is always a good gift for hunters – although the type you choose will depend on what they specifically hunt. One of the most popular for shotgun hunting is the Winchester Super-X Xpert Hi-Velocity Game and Target Steel Shotshells. Not only do the shells have higher velocity and performance thanks to the quality non-toxic shot, they are affordable and can be used for both small game hunting and upland game hunting.


Sitting in a tree stand or blind for hours on end in freezing cold temperatures means your hands and feet pay a price. That’s why every hunter would love an extra pack of HotHands hand warmers to keep their extremities nice and toasty while they’re waiting for that shot. This package also comes with redundant body warmers.

Yeti Rambler

Who doesn’t want to open a brand new Yeti on Christmas Day? The wildly popular Rambler — which has more than 11,300 reviews — comes in a variety of sizes, but the 30-ounce travel mug is perfect for keeping their morning cup of piping hot piping hot, whatever the weather outside.

Kuiu Kenai

Help your gift stay nice and toasty while on the stand this season with a KUIU Kenai Beanie, which comes in both camo and solid earth colors and a variety of sizes. It has a stretchy exterior to fit comfortably on any head and is lined with super soft (and well insulated) sherpa.


Archers make a great gift for any bow hunter or anyone into archery. These from Nockturnal fit almost any size dart and light up so bright (in red or green) that your giftee can see them from hundreds of yards away – no more wondering if they hit their mark or not.

Oak knife with moss

This specific Mossy Oak knife is one of the most popular products among Field & Flow the readers. The 15-inch fixed-blade knife is made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and has a non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable grip. Plus, it comes with a nylon holster that your giftee can easily clip to their belt or pack.

Mtn Ops

Legendary hunter Cameron Hanes’ brand, Mtn Ops, makes all kinds of supplements for hunters and sportsmen alike. Ammo protein powder is great for your giftee to throw in their pack before they hit the trail or stand. Single-serve packs contain 19 grams of protein to fuel their hunt, along with real fruits and vegetables.

Cabela's Binocular Harness

If your gifted person already has a great pair of binoculars, now all they need is a good binocular harness. This one from Cabela’s costs less than $20 and allows for hands-free binos while on the field. It distributes weight evenly and has just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable on long rides.

Smart wool socks

Smart wool socks are making socks a fantastic gift again. These top rated ankle socks are made with soft and breathable Merino wool along with recycled nylon. Available in men’s and women’s sizes S to XL, they feature a seamless toe and a lightweight wrap for added comfort. Our experts named some of the best wool socks of 2022.

Cabela's Gift Card

Not sure what to get them? Let them choose what they want with a Cabela’s gift card. The massive outdoor retailer has just about anything and everything they could want from all the top brands including Sitka, Orvis, The North Face and more. You can give them a traditional gift card or an electronic gift card.


Flashlights are so popular for more than one reason—they’re portable, powerful, and rechargeable. With more than 24,000 positive reviews, this 250 lumen can run for 3.5 hours on a single charge and is small enough to toss in your pocket (or clip onto a hunting pack).

Carhartt Dog Collar

For hunting dog owners, treat them and their pups to a brand new collar from Carhartt. It comes in bright hunter orange, is made with a durable waterproof neoprene and is fully adjustable to fit most dogs of any size. Bonus: It’s mold-resistant and easy to clean.

Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC

Ask any bowhunter and they’ll likely agree: You can never have too many broadheads. After testing some of the widest heads out there, our experts loved the Rage Hypodermic Traypan NC for their sharp blades, durability and increased penetration.

The call of the fighting deer

Great for any deer hunter, this Quaker Boy snort call has received rave reviews for making a realistic snort sound and being very loud. Those who have used it say they have called many deer – including big bucks – with this call and that it has held up well over many seasons.

Groove rings

Wearing your wedding band in the field can be dangerous (and potentially painful). Enter these rings from Groove Life, which are made from flexible, breathable silicone. They are available in a variety of colors and prints, including Mossy Oak lenses to match your giftee’s hunting outfit.

Whiskey stones

If they love to shoot whiskey as much as they love to shoot guns – or if they just love to enjoy a good old fashioned 5 o’clock – give them the gift of these bullet-shaped whiskey stones. They will keep any drink (alcoholic or not) cold without watering it down.

Biolite 330 is the best rechargeable flashlight.

In our roundup of the best flashlights, we chose this one from BioLite as the best rechargeable option. It has a flood lens and lens, and is surprisingly powerful. Even cooler, the band wicks away moisture and features a “no bounce” design that will keep it securely in place as your little one walks through the woods.

Multitool Wingman

One of our many favorite tools, the Leatherman Wingman will come in handy anytime, anywhere—whether they’re out hunting, camping, or just hanging out at home. It contains 14 tools in a neat package, including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors and even a bottle opener.

Sitka Gaiter

Yes, Sitka Gear is pricey, but yes, it is worth it. Especially in the case of this neck gaiter, which is one of the warmest pieces of clothing I own. Lined with two layers of soft, high-pile fleece, it’s a must-have for any hunter who braves cold conditions and wants to keep the wind out and cool off the neck.

VSSL gears

Backcountry hunters will appreciate this must-have bag from VSSL Gear, which has everything they need to survive in the wilderness for several days. Inside the hand box, they’ll find a wire saw, 8 feet of survival cord, a 25-foot rope, and a razor blade. They can use it to repair any gear damage that occurs in the field or even build a shelter.

Adventurous Medical Kits

Keep them safe in the woods or on the water with a travel first aid kit. This includes all the essentials – such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze and Ibuprofen – packed in a waterproof bag.

Game Transporter

A game carrier like this will come in handy for the waterfowl hunter who likes to go hands-free. With hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon, this paracord holder can hold up to 12 ducks or geese and can be clipped to a flock or placed around your doe’s neck (perfect for taking those post-hunt success photos!) .

Hot Shot gloves

Meet the hunting gloves our experts named the best budget pair you can buy for under $20. Available in four camo patterns, they’re lined with Thinsulate insulation so they’re warm without being bulky and have elastic wrist cuffs to keep out any cold air.

Yeti Colster

If they don’t have a Yeti Colster yet, this is the perfect gift for 2022. When they celebrate a successful hunt at the end of a long day, they can kick back and enjoy a cold beer thanks to the Colster’s stainless steel well. insulated (and puncture resistant). The can holder comes in three sizes and a multitude of colors.


Named one of the best archery bow releases by our experts, the Little Goose II from Scott Archery is lightweight and durable and comes with five adjustment positions. It can be used via a Velcro or buckle strap (shooter’s choice!) and is very comfortable on the wrist.

Dead wind

Scent control is a big deal for many deer hunters. And one of the most popular brands in the space is Dead Down Wind. This set includes all the essentials they’ll need for their next hunt: laundry detergent, field spray (with refill), soap, face paint, and lip balm. Thousands of reviewers swear by the scent killer.

Rustico Hunting Log

Help them keep track of all their hunts with this Rustico hunting book, which is handcrafted in the USA from American-sourced cowhide. The book includes many template pages for recording all the necessary details, such as weather, wind, game activity and hunting setup.

Dr.  Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics are the best budget insoles for work boots.

Leg aches and pains are gone! Regardless of which boots or shoes they choose to wear on the field, these inserts from Dr. Scholl’s will change the game when it comes to comfort. They come highly recommended by more than 66,000 Amazon shoppers, thanks to the arch guard and shock guard that work together to distribute weight and ease fatigue.

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