5 o’clock on the water: Making a cold cocktail with Landon Mayer

You’ve heard the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, but as we fishermen know, it’s always 5 o’clock on the water. Whether you’re celebrating the capture of a life or drowning your sorrows over the loss of one, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as kicking up your feet and enjoying a refreshing cocktail after a long day on the water.

pour cold brew

For this series, we’ve come together YET to sit down with some of our mutual fishing friends and get their celebratory drinks down. In this installment, we caught up with the legendary Colorado guide, fly-tyer and author: Landon Mayer to see how he makes his signature, “Coldbrew cocktail.”

lano Mayer and his fish

Who is Landon Mayer?

Landon Mayer is a name that almost all of Colorado, and western anglers are at least familiar with. Having been a guide for over 21 years, Landon has built quite a reputation for himself as one of the most accomplished freshwater anglers of our generation. On top of his guiding skills, Landon has also published a variety of fly fishing literature and is the mastermind behind some of the most popular freshwater, and most notably, Stillwater, butterfly patterns in the game.

lands Mayer

Landon, an Umpqua Pro, is the mind behind one of the most iconic flies in the game: the Mayers Mini Leech, as well as many others such as the Mayer’s Mysis, the Mayers Tube Midge Tungsten and the Mayer’s Titan Tube Midge. If the name still doesn’t ring a bell, you can refer to the author section for the stack of books that might take up real estate on your coffee table. When we say Landon wrote the book on stillwater fly fishing, we mean it. literally.

flies in a fly box
A look inside one of Mayer’s fly boxes.

There are many published titles that Mayer has been responsible for over the years, but you may note his most notable ones, such as “

While many may consider Landon a fly fishing “celebrity” based on his accomplishments alone, something most people probably don’t know about him is that he can make a mean cocktail. A few months ago, our team had the privilege of spending a day with Lando, hanging with a rope on the beautiful and fighting fish featured in this very piece. As most guides know, doing just that every day can often leave you exhausted long after the customer has left their tip and headed home. That’s why Landon prefers a splash of energy in his pick me up drink after fishing. With that in mind, Cocktail Cold Brew was born.

Landon Mayer on a fish

How to make Mayer’s Cold Brew cocktail:


  • ICE

  • Whiskey of your choice

  • Iced coffee (homemade or canned)

  • Maple syrup

  • Brown Sugar

  • Baileys Irish Cream

cocktail ingredients

Step 1: Start with some ice

Fill your mug/glass halfway with ice. This is a great cocktail to enjoy during the warm summer months and as any cold drink enthusiast can tell you, half the fun comes from your ice – so be generous.

a scoop of ice

Step 2: Pour in some Irish whiskey

Add a touch of whiskey (about a glass). In this recipe, we used Jameson, as Jameson mixes best to make Irish coffee drinks, which was the inspiration for this drink. Feel free to make it your own, though, with any blend of Irish whiskey, or even rye or bourbon.

pouring a glass of whiskey

Step 3: Add brown sugar

Add a tablespoon or two of brown sugar. This adds not only a little sweetness, but also a fun quality as it will crystallize with the other ingredient once mixed together.

brown sugar in a cup

Step 4: Drizzle with some maple syrup

Now, pour some maple syrup into the mixture. Depending on your bottle and your sugar capacity, a one-second pour is usually best for this, but it’s really all personal preference.

pouring syrup into a cup
For the coolest Cold Brew cocktail, check out the YETI Lowball, here.

Step 5: Add some cold drink

Pour some cold drinks until your glass is almost full. This is the main ingredient! So don’t skimp on it. Canned cold brew is great for this, or you can easily make it at home. Tip: To keep your drink as cold as possible, transport it in a water bottle or YETI container.

Pouring the cold cocktail

Step 6: Add some cream

To finish off the cold drink cocktail, pour in some Bailey’s Irish Cream. We recommend about two tablespoons, but we all know you’ll pour as much as you want and watch it dance in the coffee. That’s okay—we don’t blame you.

pouring Irish cream

Step 7: Shake and enjoy.

We here at Flylords prefer our cocktails shaken… not stirred. Go ahead and shake your mug to mix all the ingredients together. Make sure, if you have one, that you close the lid of your hoop/cup when you shake it. If you don’t have a cap, even if you do, try to keep your thumb over the mouth hole to avoid spillage.

After giving your mixture a shake, open the lid and enjoy! As always, remember to drink responsibly.

shaking a cocktail

“Thanks to Landon for sharing his afternoon with us and showing us some new tricks on the water. You can find him on Instagram hereOr you can check out his website, here. Also, thanks for YET to keep our glasses full and our cocktails cold. If you enjoyed this piece, be on the lookout for more like it down the line. Cheers!


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