AFFTA Fisheries Fund Awards $31K in Grants


AFFTA has increased its charitable impact in the fishing world this summer, awarding more than $30,000.00 to non-profit and water restoration projects across the country. Funds will go to restore fisheries, provide educational opportunities and help fund research projects.


In June, the AFFTA Fisheries Fund (AFF) Board awarded $31,500 to nonprofit organizations across the country in support of projects aimed at restoration, research, education and assistance to underserved fishing communities. The AFL is proud to have awarded more than $265,000 in support of partner organizations working to improve fisheries, restore habitat and raise awareness.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers – New Mexico Stream Access Management & Education

Through targeted stream access restoration projects, an education campaign and multi-stakeholder collaboration, work to improve public understanding of how to thoughtfully recreate New Mexico’s rivers and streams by being good stewards of our coastal and aquatic ecosystems and fisheries.

Bighorn River Alliance – Side Channel Reactivation Project – Montana
Habitat restoration

Based on the successful reactivation of two side channels in 2021 (which the AFFTA Fisheries Fund provided financial support in 2020), work is underway to reactivate 12 side channels that have been disconnected or are functioning less and less, restoring a total of 5.5 miles of critical eggs and juveniles. growth habitat.

Flathead Rivers Alliance – Fisheries Conservation and Stewardship Messages – Montana
(Responsible Education/Education)

Expand responsible recreational messaging, focusing on fisheries conservation and stewardship, surrounding the 219-mile Three Forks of the Flathead Wild and Scenic River, targeting visitors and residents alike in northwest Montana.

Menikanaehkem – Menominee Reservation Youth Initiative – Wisconsin
(Education/Underserved Communities)

Support for an Indigenous youth leadership initiative that provides wellness to at-risk youth through revitalizing their connection to nature using fly fishing as a “hook” to share therapeutic outdoor experiences.

Mianus Endless Trout Chapter – Downtown Trout – Connecticut
(Education/Underserved Communities)

Downtown Trout launches in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut, designed to increase outdoor participation among urban families by providing free, weekly fishing opportunities and environmental education to local youth and families.

Native Fish Coalition – Cross-Stream Movement of Brook Run Trout from Sea to Maine

Research to determine whether wild native brook trout in a multi-stream estuarine system demonstrate movement between streams. Since sea-driven brook trout represent a unique life-history strategy, migrating between freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater, this understanding is vital for proper management.

North Umpqua Coalition – Creating an all-wild steelhead watershed (Oregon)
(Restoration of species)

Wild summer and winter steelhead in the North Umpqua River face threats from climate change impacts of fire and drought. With the destruction of Rock Creek Hatchery by wildfire, work to define the river as a wild steelhead-only watershed.

Trout Unlimited – Alaska Fish Habitat Mapping and Community Science Project

Provide continued support to monitor water bodies in Southeast Alaska for anadromous fish use and add this data to the Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC) to ensure that priority anadromous fish habitats receive basic protection under state law. Currently, the AWC is incomplete and many important species and water bodies are left unprotected.

“We are pleased to provide support for these important projects, while recognizing the need to increase our grant funding as we were unable to provide support for many other quality projects,” noted Whitney Tilt, Executive Director of AFF. “For 2022, we increased our grant funding by 30 percent, and we plan to maintain that growth in 2023 and beyond, thanks to the support of the fly fishing industry.”

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