Airflo launches first fully recycled flight line reels

Airflo, a steering fly fishing the brand has released a fully recycled flight line coil. The first fully recycled coil is made from recycled polypropylene. Ordinary plastic is not only recyclable plastic, but it is also widely recyclable all over the world. Polypropylene is chemically inert with a low impact on the environment, without toxic residues, without emissions, without fluorocarbons and without halogens.

Gareth Jones, Sales Director at Airflo mentions, “We created these new coils because of Airflo’s commitment to the planet, the new coils will result in less plastic waste, and fishermen and butterfly shops will be able to recycle the coils easily into normal recycling bins.” In the past, we used plant-based plastics for our coils, but found that they would deteriorate in wet conditions and had a lifespan for them. New polypropylene coils are rigid and have a locking mechanism. Together with the texture in the inner coil making it easier to rotate the flight line. ”

The new coils are currently replacing all the old coils of the line. Airflo has already included these new coils in production, fishermen should already be looking at these new recycled flight line coils. More information on the Airflo website.

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