Angler Story of the Week: Fish of 10,000 Casts and Topwater Flies

“Many of the best fly fishing days are those thrown together at the last minute with no real plan or expectations, this was no different.

A few friends and I set off after class to chase the elusive Esox Masquinongy, better known as the Muskie or “fish of ten thousand casts”. Muskies may not be for the dry fly purist, but they should be. They really live up to their nickname and often make you make over 10,000 casts to be rewarded with a view or a follow. However, this fish was extremely eager to attack my fly.

Moments before I pointed out to my friend Evan that by using a high water fly I was making a difficult task even more challenging. Just a few casts later, this fish burst from the bank to absolutely devour my 9” topwater fly.

With fall fast approaching, I took advantage of one of the cooler first days of summer after a heavy rain event that was the catalyst for success on the water.

I usually use a 10wt rod for these fish, in this case it was a TFO BC Big Fly paired with a Rio Predator Elite floating line, 4ft 80lb fluorocarbon attached to an orange and black multi-wing fly with a foam block on the head.

My friend Evan knocked it out of the park the first time making the net, which is the most essential part of the whole operation, as well as having a jumbo net to safely handle these fish. Even though the Musky was average for this particular area, seeing this fish jump and going through the process of putting it in the net makes me go after these fish. Something completely different from fly fishing for trout.”

Words by Myles Barrett and Flylords intern Nelson Oxley. Great help from Evan Holm with the net work. Follow his stories and his Musk efforts @myles_barrett.

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