Away from home: Ep. 5 Patagonia

From the banks of twisting rivers to the vast open landscapes baked in the sunlight and trampled only by hooves and claws, the fishermen’s best stories come from adventures. away from home. Join us as we explore the union of the place where violence and the sanctity of nature meet to create a fishery like no other: Patagonia. In an Argentine Estancia set aside by the legendary Rio Pelke, the Flylords crew team up with Tres Amigos to test the new Sage R8 CORE rod. Here, you will find that even ordinary things surpass the wilder dreams of the average trout fisherman with a new adventure waiting in every corner. Explore the culture, emotions and generosity that such a place has away from home…
throwing in the sunset

How this episode came about:

When the whispers of a Sage X follower eventually evolved from fiction to realization, our team curiosity became insatiable and we immediately started trying to find new ways to go out in nature with the new Sage R8 CORE. It was at that time that Flylords was also looking to add new episodes to our original series, “Far From Home,” which focuses on fulfilling fishermen ‘s fantasies of fishing far away lands and immersing themselves in new cultures.
Immediately, we hit the drawing board with the Sage team to determine which app would be best to highlight the new bar. We soon arrived with trout. However, we wanted to find a way to enjoy our offer. Trout is often considered the entry point for fly fishermen, but we thought, “how can we find a way to take this species to the next level.” The answer came in the form of “Away from home” and a visit to our good friends at Three Friends Outfitters.
tres amigos in the tall grass

About Tres Amigos Outfitters:

Tres Amigos, as the name suggests, is an Argentina-based device, specifically Patagonia, run by three close friends; Juanma Biott, Claudio Martin and Pollo Coscia. The headquarters of the operation is located in Rio Pelke in a small Argentinean Estancia, which has been in the Juan family for generations.

Estancia Rio Pelke is not your average fishing destination. Unlike many lodges, this institution does not rely on billions of dollars in housing to provide the expected experience. In fact it is the opposite: and here lies the charm. You see, the experience of Tres Amigos in Rio Pelke has more to do with the experience of Argentina at its core. While there, you will consume delicious pieces of locally sourced food, such as lamb and staples, harvested just a few feet from the lodge. The accommodations are quaint and cozy, offering a personal and authentic feel. The air is fresh and refreshing and is filled with the sounds and songs of leaves jumping in the wind and exotic birds calling to each other. Throughout the day, you can catch Estancia in full working order, taking care of the Gauchos sheep and gardens. It is a place where one can learn to understand true pleasure.

All that being said: this experience is so far from monotonous. Because as far as the eye can see and beyond, adventure and emotion await him. That’s why we came here…

brook trout in flight


Now that we had a needle in the map, it was time to see what all the fuss was about. As we packed our bags and tossed from flight to flight over the course of a few days, we hoped and prayed that our expectations would be met. Fortunately, they were not – they were overcome.

associated with trout

There is something in watching the massive creek and the brown trout bursting out of the water in an attempt to destroy the big foamy rats and beetles, which really just stirs the heart. Forget drying and little nymphs: when you are fishing for a water fly the size of your palm and a trout throws itself into the air behind it, you discover a new level of beating that you did not know your heart could perform. Bending after turning, we successfully hit the massive, combative trout without fail as the weather turned from the sun, to the wind, to the rain, all in a matter of seconds, like a repeat record. It was exciting… and this is just in the backyard.

beetle fliesLocated in the heart of the famous Patagonia brown trout, facing the sea, it brings with it another unique dimension of the experience – these spring streams hardly see any pressure. They are mostly overlooked by locals and traveling fishermen, and the willingness of these fish to catch your fly – whether beetle, rat or even bass – makes something immediately apparent – they have hardly ever seen it. a fly. Hundreds of miles of pressureless streams lie right at your fingertips

As we traveled the country, avoiding jogging in Rheas and Guanaco, we came across several different fishing tours, all offering a similar heartbeat experience. Day after day, we drove the R8 CORE to the border, only to be amazed at the beat it could take when we pulled fish after fish.

explosive stream trout


There are adventures like these that you will never forget. Opportunities to travel to distant lands and to fish monstrous and pressure-free fish is a privilege not found by many fishermen. We acknowledge this and convey to you these stories as a tribute to the time spent in paradise. However, from an experimental point of view, fishing was just the tip of the iceberg. Being able to immerse yourself in the culture of this humble Argentine Estancia was an experience we would love for everyone in the world to master.

riding in the jeep

The humility expressed among people who do so much with such thoughtful simplicity is a subtle reminder of why we fish. It has more to do with having these experiences, and who you are experiencing them with, than anything else. That’s what he’s really “away from home” and hopefully resonates in this part.

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To learn more about Three Friends Outfittersclick here. Thank you Sage for enabling this trip. To learn more about the cloud R8 CORE, click here.

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