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Deer attractants such as salt and protein shakes can attract deer to your hunting area. Many also provide supplemental feed for better growth and a healthier herd. To choose the right deer lick, you need to consider whether you want to provide only salt or added supplements, a block or granular form, and whether you care if the lick is visible to passersby. Here are some of the best salt licks for deer.

The best salt licks for deer: Our picks

Salt or supplement?

Evolved 30495 Buck Licker Apple Mineral

This mineral block contains the added apple flavor to attract deer. Evolved habitat

All ungulates love salt, so licks made only of salt do a great job of attracting deer. Lumps with added flavor, minerals and nutrients can be even better, especially if you find a deer in your area that really likes them. Try different types until you find what works for you. And always check the applicable hunting laws in your area, as some jurisdictions consider protein supplements to be bait and have banned the practice.

Block or granules/powder?

Evolved 24502 ​​Deer Co-Cain BlackMagic best salt licks for deer

This attractive powdered lick can be poured directly into the soil and requires no mixing. Evolved habitat

Mineral/protein salt and attractants are mainly available in block and powder/granule form. Blocks last longer in bad weather, even a very heavy rain will not wash them away. However, the big ones can be a chore to get back into the forest. Powdered or granulated supplements are one of the best salt licks for deer and can be spread over a larger area, providing room for several deer to use them at once.

Visible or invisible

redmond trophy rock all natural mineral rock best deer salt

This salt/protein buffet is made to look like a rock and blend into its surroundings. Rock trophy

If you hunt on public land or other areas with heavy hunting pressure, a conventional salt cube or block protein can reveal to other hunters the location of your prime hunting area. For this reason, many companies produce salt/mineral blocks that look like rocks or other natural objects. Powders/pellets might also be better in that situation, since after they’ve soaked into the ground a bit, the only way to tell they’re there is from all the deer tracks. If your area has little hunting pressure and you’re not worried about giving away your hot spots, blocks of any shape work well.

To make the best salt licks for deer at home, here is our guide.

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