Different fish, different places: Desert canals

Introducing “Different Fish, Different Places”, from canals to dwellings, there is a growing community of fly fishermen who benefit from extremely unique fishing close to home. The first chapter takes us to Phoenix, Arizona with Chris Bare from AZ Fly Shop and Derek Rivchin from Lo Water Guide Service to try fly fishing in a region where temperatures typically rise above 100 ° Fahrenheit, where they are in pursuit of a species. , carp!

Arizona Carp

While some may overlook the Arizona carp, Chris and Derek have begun to actively follow them by walking and strolling through the canals around their hometown, Phoenix, Arizona. We asked them a few questions to learn a little more.

What made you fall in love with carp fishing?

Kris Bare (AZ Fly Shop): I do not know if “falling in love” is the right term. One day I saw some carp in a local pond while I was fishing bass. So I decided to target… .. I quickly learned that it was extremely difficult and I started to get obsessed with the game… trying to figure everything out. How not to scare them. How to force them to eat. How to keep them from spoiling you. All that. I fell in love with the challenge. Carp fishing itself drives me crazy many times!

Derek Rivchin (Lo Water Guide Service): Their accessibility, ingenuity and power are why I fell in love with carp.

What is your configuration for kraping?

Kris: My Winston Air 9ft 6wt salt is my right for canals and most ponds. I fish it with a Taylor Series 1 with an SA Amplitude Smooth Bonefish. In these cases, I am usually using Trout Hunter 10ft 3x trout leaders and tippet.

Scott Sector 9ft 8wt does double duty like my flat rod and my “big water” carp rod. I have a Ross Evolution Salt R wrapped in a Rio Elite Flats Pro for these situations.

And last but not least is my little water fish small rod. A Blank CTS Fiberglass Marcoflyrods 5 pcs 7ft 4wt. For a wrap, I have a Sage Trout with a SA Amplitude trout line. For the drivers on this rod, I go with the TroutHunter 10ft 4x driver, but I cut it about 2 feet from the bottom end and replace it with 4x fluorocarbon.

Derek: St Croix Imperial 6 wt salt. 3D flying envelope “el hefe”. WF Scientific Angler AirCel line. 9 ’10 # mono scientific fisherman salt leader. 2-3 ‘0x fluoro SA tippet.

Why do you think fishermen skip urban fishing?

Kris: I think there are many reasons. People do not know that it is even possible to target some of these fish with a fly rod.

Urban fishing has a peculiarity to them, not everyone can appreciate it jo .not everyone likes electric scooters and shopping carts as a structure.

Speaking of carp in particular, people do not know how challenging it is. Guys have come to me at the store and when I mention carp fishing they say. “Oh, I’m not fishing for them… I can catch all the carp I want in the canal behind my house. I want to fish trout. ”

Derek: It is easy to look beyond the concrete jungle and into the picturesque wild mountains. But there is a very unique adventure that lies in our backyards and is 5 minutes away with the biggest fish you can ever catch. You will spend more time fishing and less driving time and may even learn a new skill.

What does “different fish, in different places” mean to you?

Kris: Honestly, when I personally hear different Fish in different places, it makes me think of exotic fish in the rainforest or something. What we do in our urban fishing has become very normal for me now… What I really hope is that other people see how wonderful these fisheries are and benefit more from them. Spread the pressure on all of our fish a little more, especially in these hot summer months.

Derek: Different fish in different places means the process of searching for new fish in new places and placing a fly in front of a fish that has probably never seen a fly. There is no such thing as all coming together.

Thanks Chris and Derek for taking the time to sit down with us! If you are interested follow “Different fish, in different places” keep watching this wonderful series Loon out is joining. It is far from the end!

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