Everglades Camping – Pioneer Style

When we think of “The Days of Pioneering” in this Country often think of the Wild West and westward expansion. It wasn’t but 100 years ago, Florida too was still incredibly wild with people homesteading in a true pioneering fashion deep in the Everglades. We’ve recently located a terrific collection of restored photographs with color added. This glimpse of Everglades, Florida pioneering is amazing. Enjoy! Photos courtesy of Am. Mus. Nat Hist Julian Dimock photography collection. Time period: Old Everglades Florida 1905-1913 in color. : https://images.library.amnh.org/digital/index.php/collections/show/6

Dimock’s work in the South documents African American communities, both former slaves and descendants of slaves, including many moving portraits of individuals and groups working and living in South Carolina and Alabama. He also took hundreds of photographs of the Seminole Indians of Florida and preserved their glorious traditional dress and customs on film. Dimock is likewise well known for his images of Ellis Island and the poignant circumstances of immigrants of Manhattan’s Lower East Side at the turn of the last century. All of the photographs capture cultures and customs with an exceptional compassion and with the beauty and sensitivity Julian Dimock is known for.

Link to Website: https://images.library.amnh.org/digital/index.php/collections/show/6#

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