Finding much more than Pisces, a treasure

A few weeks ago, after work I fished a small privately owned stream. Turns out, I ended up finding a lot more than a few hungry brookies and sunfish.

This is an incised projectile point at Kirk’s corner from the Early Archaic period. It’s anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 years old, made from a piece of trash and all, fresh as shit. To add some historical context, this thing came into existence at the same time that Ice Age animals like mammoths and sabertooth tigers were disappearing.

There were some notable downpours in the days leading up to this particular outing. I assume that the drop has moved from a bank under the cut due to rising water levels and increased discharge into the stream. It is so well preserved that it hardly corrodes; I can’t imagine it’s been a long time in proper streaming.

The feelings that come with holding this relic are hard to explain. In a roundabout way, it makes me feel even more focused on my outdoor activities. It’s like an ancient form of encouragement saying, “Keep it up, man.”

The guy behind this point shot out of necessity. Luckily for me, hunting is a choice; My survival does not actually depend on my success in this field. Our lives are hardly comparable, but I can’t help but think, after all this time we still share that common interest.

The point also has a good name.

Big thanks to @dylightful for being my impromptu ad man and photographer.

Article by Flylords Food Editor Kirk Marks, a fisherman, photographer and foodie based in Kent Island, Maryland. Give him a follow on @kirkymarks.

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