Fisherman’s Weekly Story: Norwegian salmon removes center from wrapping

“So, as history shows, it was my last day in Norway, I was invited on an annual river trip with the NAM family.
Photo by Nam Products.

This group of boys was the team of all European salmon fishing stars. I was the younger brother trying to get into the herd. It seemed to me as if my fate would not have it as it seemed that I was always after the boy taking the fish.

Photo by Nam Products.

On the last day of my last leave, I finally got a fish that took my fly. My Hardy Perfect that I was so proud of and the guys who have been making fun of me all this way start shouting like a banshee. I get back on the bench and start to palm the fish I have made many times at home. The main difference is that this is just as fresh as Norwegian spring salmon in heavy water. After a few runs in the back, my roller cuff breaks my hand and my Hardy Perfect center pin breaks.

Photo by Logan Landry.

Well that’s it, I think it’s over, as my bobbin spins from my feet. Tommy looks at me and tells me “do not move” as I look over my shoulder and see Lars running towards the truck.

Photo by Logan Landry.

Lars returns with his coil with only one shot line on it and we continue to connect my shooting line with his, then I release the frame of my coil from my rod like a used cartridge and we cling to a coil of closed of withdrawal.

Logan Landry became associated with Norwegian salmon.

I can only imagine that this seemed like a kind of clown circus act, which embodied a real team effort. We ended up inserting the fish into the net and under 17 minutes he swam perfectly and undisturbed.

I can honestly say I will not try to look like a salmon fish hipster on my next trip. When guys of this caliber tell you something, listen. This was not the biggest fish, but the story will never be forgotten. I can not say enough thanks to Lars and Tommy for helping me with this fish. Their experience and expertise finished the job. ”

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