Gear Review: Daily Sea Run riffle case

In this gear review, we will take a look at the Riffle Daily Case from Case Run Sea. This new case has a reasonable price of $ 329.00, a lower price than larger models.

It is an absolute breeze that brings this easy, sustainable fishing and travel from one place to another. At the airport, in the back of a truck, or on a boat, you name it. Everything by keeping rods, coils, camera batteries, flies, sunglasses and more safe.


At first glance, this case could not have been a better case of “moving” fly fishing. Whether it is nearby for local walks and riverbeds or for a quick weekend road trip, located in the back of your car.

Above the Norfork case or Classic Sea Run Case, this case is cheaper in price and is much smaller in size. Although there is still a large enough compartment to accommodate up to 3-4 pieces of flight rods up to 11 feet in length. The Riffle box fits with 2-3 flying coils with 2-3 smaller butterfly boxes when put to use.

After unlocking the TSA stainless steel combination locks, the inside of the box gets a lot of beautiful, new and clean features. Similar to the Norfork Case, sea-scale closed-cell foam has replaced Italian hand-line canvas. It is therefore an excellent fit when it comes to water. Also, the closed-cell foam is soft on my device, allowing it to stretch and absorb any possible pressure, protecting it highly without the use of any additional neoprene boxes.

Unlike his twin, Casa Norfork, she has much shallower divisions. This box is the ideal “fast travel” with storage for your short-term fishing trip accessories. I liked having smaller compartments to bring only a few things and not having to pull a heavier and wider box.

All the while I knew that rods, coils and other valuables were as safe as they could be. Even if I removed the box from the bottom of the dock in Florida and a boat propeller pierced it…. Sea Run Cases offers a lifetime warranty. That said, who knows if something could pass through a two-walled patented composite case.

Photo: Joseph Evans

In the past, I traveled to airports or on long road trips on the first occasion of the Expedition trip, it was great to pack lots of equipment. Although the new Riffle box has been beyond simple in terms of the need for only a handful of DIY fly fishing items in Florida.

Field testing:

Photo: Joseph Evans

The Riffle box has a little less space than the larger Norfork box, but it was perfect for scenarios like this. Jogging in the backyard and guns. In my case, I had with me a 9-foot 8 wt and 10 wt flying rod with two coils, 3 fluorocarbon coils, sunglasses, some external battery packs and a wallet.

Photo: Joseph Evans

The first target would be a lightweight dock with only a 60-second slide on the golf cart. We went out to the dock first to be manipulated. All jogging tapes have 3 Compliant with TSA combination lock. Rust-resistant, stainless steel hinges are tightly closed to keep the entire box tightly closed, with the cells closed to be accurate. Florida is very wet, it rained a little more that night, so I was happy to know that my equipment would look dry and no part of my crate was sucking any of that water. Especially when I had the case open, the foam to hold all my well-protected equipment does not absorb water. We unlocked the box with the 3-digit code and mounted a rod for a few hours of fishing. Sadly, no fish were willing to play in the dock lights.

Photo: Joseph Evans

The next morning we set off on a shore mission on a flat boat with our friend Jake Haselgrove. I threw the rifle box at the back of his truck on the way to the boat platform. The smaller size of the riffle case fits snugly on the boat without taking up too much space. We kept all our flies, goggles and a rod and a ten-weight spare wrap there all day. Thankfully, we found some fish ready to play. One of Florida’s most popular game fish, the common snook.

Photo: Joseph Evans


For just $ 329.00, the new Riffle Daily Travel case is a great opportunity for fishing on the go. Even for a light baggage on the plane, for short trips with limited space. Having all the equipment in one place ensures that you will never forget any important item when planning next time. The bulletproof vest and weather resistant interior make it essential for any local fisherman or traveling fisherman, hitting it in any condition. It is always a great feeling to know that a product you buy will also last a long time as it also keeps everything safe with TSA locks.

Final review:


5 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating

Gear Review by Joseph Evans.

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