Gear Review: Riversmith River Quiver

In this gear review, we will take a look at the Quiver Riversmith River. If you live somewhere in the west, you can not drive anywhere without seeing one. It was too late for us to grab this shelf with the rod and put it to the test!

Quiver of the river above

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Initial impressions:

Anyone can relate to the bubble feeling you have when you return from work in a large package sitting on your doorstep. This feeling is usually reinforced by a long wait and checking the tracking number every day. I was not given this chance with River Quiver because he arrived at my door just about two days after my order was placed.

Quiver River boxes

Upon opening, I came across a guidebook, some accessories, and the front and rear of the River Quiver. I immediately noticed the quality of the River Quiver materials and it was extremely delightful to see the cross section of the rod rack when I pulled it out of the box. The look and feel of the product showed that it was the highest quality material and extremely well designed.

Mounting was incredibly easy and I had the River Quiver on the roof shelf of my truck in less than an hour. One tip I have is if you do not have a 10 mm bolt driver, I would suggest getting the installation kit that Riversmith has available to add to your order. While most people have a 10 mm socket placed around, you will definitely need a bolt driver for a key part of the installation.

Riversmith River Quiver

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Field testing:

I chose the 4-banger in black and was immediately impressed by the sleek design when it was sitting in my truck. In short, it looked very good. Since I follow the line of thinking, “look good, feel good, fish well” I was very excited to throw my sticks in there and take advantage of every opportunity I could to get out into the water.

I have the privilege of living in a place where I have incredible few minutes of fishing from my home and office. The ability to make my rods already joined and manipulated was a change of game. This made it easier to get fishing sessions in the evening after work and helped me spend more time in the water. The ability to fit my entire curry from my small 2 Wt rod to bass and 8 wt carp housed in the river curve keeps my options open if I want to chase different fish.

No matter what I’m fishing for, I really like the ability to block the River Quiver when I’m in the river or on the go. I feel calm knowing that I can carry the rods on my own at any time, but they are also completely enclosed not only in the box but also on my roof rack. It would take a lot of effort and a serious bang for someone to try to get into my River Quiver.

Final review:

Ease of installation:

4 star rating

Looks like:

5 star rating


5 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


3 stars (MSRP: $ 479.99 – $ 889.99)


In the end, Rivesmith defeated him with River Quiver. The quality of the product is unmatched and the practice of not having to manipulate my rods as often gives my seal of approval. River Quiver is definitely not the cheapest product we have reviewed, but for me it’s worth supporting a brand that is committed to being fully assembled in Boulder, CO. Especially since others are not being assembled in the US and are at a similar price.

With River Quiver, you are getting a high quality product from people who are highly focused on engineering the best possible fly fishing products. It looks great on my truck and I have no plans to remove it anytime soon.

If you’re interested in seeing Riversmith’s River Quiver for yourself, go check them out HERE!

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