Get the SpyPoint Flex Cellular Trail Cam for $50 off now

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You can have a lot of things, but a trail camera? never. You want to try something different, maybe put a camera on a promising creek crossing – but that means removing a camera from that inside corner of the gold mine. Do you see the point?

The solution is to first learn where to mount your trail camera. Beyond that, well, just buy more trail cameras.

If your wallet is already hurting, fear not. One of our favorite mobile cameras, the SpyPoint Flex, is $50 at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops right now. The SpyPoint Flex shoots respectable 33MP photos. You also get 1080p video, so a moving buck at that creek crossing won’t show up as an annoying blur. On top of that, you get a fast 0.3 second flash speed. And since this is SpyPoint’s flagship model, you get a flash/detection range of up to 100 feet, the best in the line.

All that said, what makes the Flex really attractive is that it works on any of SpyPoint’s carriers—Verizon and Nationwide—and comes with two pre-activated SIM cards to swap out. The camera supports microSD cards up to 512GB, which is essential when shooting video in 1080p. Since there’s no SD card included, we like this deal for a 512GB microSD on Amazon.

Spypoint Trail Cam

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