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Published 10 June 2022 11:51

Glock Perfection. It’s a good slogan, but there’s definitely room for improvement in a Glock pistol. Do not take my word for it – look at the large number of companies offering nothing but after-sales parts for Glock pistols. Some changes may be on the more expensive side, like replacing the entire slide or a slide-barrel combination. Other changes are much more affordable.

Makes in the last category would be the sights. Technically, there is nothing wrong with Glock stock footage. Many people shoot perfectly with the plastic factory configuration with three white dots. If, however, you want to improve the performance of your Glock, replacing the images is a good place to start. It is not a very expensive upgrade and putting the best Glock footage on your firearm is always a good investment.

Things to Consider Before Buying Glock Sights

Because there is a whole industry dedicated to aftermarket Glock parts, you have many options to rank. Here are some things to think about before splitting your hard-earned money:


Are you just looking to improve how fast you capture your viewing image? Do you anticipate shooting in low light or no light conditions? Will you run an oppressor? There are various viewing options available that are suitable for each of these scenarios.


Glock factory images are plastic, as well as some of the other options on the market. If you are going to stick with plastics, do you need to change them? If you are choosing metal, do you really need that added durability?


Make sure the images you are considering buying are of good value. There are many similar products on the market, so buy and make sure you are getting the best deal for the type of looks you want.

The best fiber optic sights for Glock


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Founded by Delta Force Sgt. Major Kyle Lamb, Viking Tactics knows what it takes to make a quality fiber optic pair.

Key Features

  • Couples optical fiber and tritium
  • Durable all-metal construction


  • Choose from red and green or all green
  • Fiber optic tubes in front and rear views


  • Does not comply with MOS (Modular Optical System).

Viking Tactics Viking Fiber Optic Glock Sights combine many useful features in one look. During the day, you have fiber optic tubes in your choice of color combinations that allow for rapid visual acquisition as well as increased speed during lens transition. If it is dark outside, you have the ability to see your images regardless of the situation using tritium sketches surrounding the fiber optic tubes. While most fiber optic sights have only one tube in the front view, this pair has tubes in both the front and rear view for extra fast view extension, even in unconventional situations.

Best Tritium Views for Glock

Best_lock_Sights_ TRUGLO

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Tritium sights do not need to be charged by a light source, making TRUGLO Tritium Sights a great choice for day or night.

Key Features

  • CNC machined
  • 12-year lifespan


  • Tritium glows without the light source needed for charging
  • During the day, they offer a proven and true standard white dot dot configuration
  • Finished nitride for durability


  • Tritium eventually fades and dies, which means you will need to replace them at some point
  • Available in green only

If you’re looking for a pair of sights that work just as well at night as during the day, check out the TRUGLO Tritium Sights. CNC machined for a precision part that fits properly every time, TRUGLO images contain tritium inserts that shine continuously, thanks to the nature of tritium itself. During the day, you will have sights that look like a traditional set of white dots. When the lights go out, the tritium rings surrounding the white dots glow, so you will see green rings around the dots. Since you do not need to charge them, your tritium images will be ready to use even if they have been in your dark safe all day.

Best suppressor-height views for Glock


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If you do not need or want permanent high-altitude views, the SNS SwitchSight folding pistol views give you the option to turn the views up or down as needed.

Key Features

  • Made of steel
  • Easily change heights


  • The images use positive positioning to avoid collisions
  • Allows you to instantly switch from the height of the printer to the usual views
  • Compatible with your regular case


  • For what they are, they are a little expensive

Some shooters have a Glock dedicated to printers, so high-altitude shots are the only set of shots they need. Those who can remove the suppressor must compensate for the added height of the shots when shooting. Conversely, leaving the standard views in the Glock may mean you have to “look” at a printer if the views are too low. The SNS SwitchSight folding gun images solve this problem with a simple solution: a mechanism that allows the images to be turned up or down as needed. In each position, you can not miss the three large white dots that make it easy to get sight.

Best post-trade footage for Glock


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Trijicon HD night vision is solidly built, easy to reach the target, and performs just as well in bright daylight as at night.

Key Features

  • Higher front edge blade
  • Tritium and photoluminescent paint in front view
  • Darkened rear view


  • Combining darkened rear view and tritium front view makes aiming fast and easy
  • Available in many colors for the front view
  • Photoluminescent paint surrounds the front view for extra visibility even if tritium is aging


  • Tritium is eventually consumed and needs to be replaced

Trijicon HD night scenes were created specifically to address the needs of tactical shooters, but they are great views for all Glock owners. The front view has a higher blade and a target point surrounded by photoluminescent ink, while the rear view is outlined in black and has a wider U-shaped cut. This unique configuration increases visibility and speeds up image capture front, even in transient lighting. Moreover, the front surface of the rear view is fixed obliquely to assist in the emergency operation of the one-handed slide, otherwise known as the tactical rack.

Best Budget Views for Glock


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If you want to avoid plastic looks, AmeriGlo Glock Sights are a very affordable option.

Key Features

  • Traditional design with white dots
  • Case hardened finish


  • Maintains standard appearance design by giving durability to steel
  • The flat front rear view can be used for a tactical rack
  • Available in front views with different widths


  • They are just a basic set of images, and metal construction is the only advantage over stock images.

Sometimes you do not need a bunch of bells and whistles. There is no fiber optic insertion. No tritium sketch. Just a pair of strong looks that will get the job done and resist any abuse you send. This is exactly what you will get with AmeriGlo Glock Sights. They look just like any other traditional white-dot pistol-like arrangement and are similar to Glock stock images. The biggest difference is that these are made of hardened steel. There is no concern to remove them if you have to make a tactical shelf, or if you place your Glock through any serious abuse. They are also affordable. If something happens to them, just replace them with a new pair!

How I made my choices

I have shot many Glocks over the years that have been equipped with a host of different sights: plastic, metal, large dots, optical fiber, tritium, printer height, obscuring and more. I have also talked to many people at industry events and various shooting ranges about their viewing choices and why they made them. I can honestly say that there is definitely a time and place for almost every type of Glock look on the market. It is good to have variety, but this can sometimes make it difficult to choose just one group. When it comes to choosing the right ones for me, I rated the best Glock looks using the following criteria:

  • Construction quality: Not all images are created equal, so this is essential. Are the images well done? This includes the materials that make up the viewing body, the proper placement and holding of fiber optics or tritium inserts, the regular application of photoluminescent dye, and so on. Basically, is it well built or just joined together?
  • Design sense: Do a pair of specific images in a specific weapon make sense for a specific purpose?
  • Cost: Do these pictures offer good value for money? Or can I get something comparable for less money?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Glocks come with adjustable views?

No, Glocks do not come with adjustable views. For more than 35 years, Glocks have been shipped from the factory with fixed white dots and there is no sign that this will change any time soon. Thankfully, Glock’s looks change easily.

Q: Can you change Glock fixed images?

Yes, you can absolutely change Glock fixed images because they are not an integral part of the slide. With just a few simple tools, you can remove the images that came to your pistol from the factory and modify them with any number of other options available on the market today. If you prefer not to do the work yourself, most gun shops will do it for you for a small fee.

Q: What tools are needed to change Glock images?

There are a number of different tools you can use to change Glock looks, but you do not need them all. It’s good to have a dedicated sight booster for the rear view, but it’s not essential. At a minimum, you will need a nylon fist to move the rear view, a 3/16 inch nut holder to change the front view, and a pile of stuffed jaws to secure the gun while you work.

Final Thoughts

There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding and shooting a simple Glock pistol. Thousands of people do this every day without any problem. If, however, you have decided to improve to perfection, changing your looks is a really great place to start. Unlike pointless changes, such as laser engraving or sliding back plates with sayings or pictures, a new set of images can have an actual positive impact on your overall shooting experience.

Take some time and really think about how you will use your Glock and what you hope to achieve by changing the looks. This will ensure that you make the right change and get what you really want because they are not all the same. Fiber optic sights and tritium sights have similar but different purposes, and you do not want to spend your money on something that is not entirely right.

Gaston Glock already has your money. It will not hurt his feelings or his wallet if you change parts to make the weapon fit you better. The bottom line is, yours weapons.

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