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How to connect the Crystal soft clip:

Fall is in the air! Fresh morning, black brown and wet flies moving in a good trout flow. This is a fantastic time of year when the weather starts to cool and the fishing can be on point. This week we bring back a somewhat traditional style of fly called The Crystal Soft Hackle which is a modernized classic. This swinging fly is a great option when swinging insects. Whether you’re fishing with a single rod or two-handed, this bug deserves to be hooked. It’s a soft, lightweight grip that has all the right things. Most of the materials are good old classic naturals, but the body has been updated to use Dubbing on Ice. This little touch brings the fly into the 21st century without sacrificing its fishing ability. The Crystal Soft Hackle is designed to be fished for Steelhead, but works equally well in the Rockies for all other trout species. Fish it on a Scandi rig with a traditional swing or incorporate it into your right single pointer and let it swing at the end of a dead cast. The rising presentation will encourage some tight lines that will make you want to fish it every time you are on the water.

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