Hunter Tags Three-eyed white-tailed deer

What do you call buck blind? Right. The deer without eyes. But this dollar was blind in only one eye. He could very well be with the others… two. What we have here is a three-eyed deer.

On Nov. 9, Jon Wilson of Double Nickel Taxidermy in New Braunfels, Texas, posted a photo of a caped deer skull that clearly shows an extra nape on the left side of the deer’s face. “I’ve never seen a deer with 3 eyes!” he wrote. “What at first appeared to be an abscess, later turned out to be a fully formed eye under the skin! This will be a surprise for the hunter! [N]nature sure is amazing!”

Double Nickel Taxidermy Facebook followers were eager to see a field photo of the buck, and Wilson obliged. In it, you can see that the deer looks quite normal, except for a large lump on its left cheek. “We’ve skinned thousands, if not tens of thousands of deer over the years. “Typically, a lump under the skin is just an abscess or maybe even a broken piece of antler from a fight with another deer that healed,” Wilson told F&S. “This is definitely the weirdest thing we’ve seen.”

It wasn’t long before the “eye” jokes started coming. (“The eye has seen it all now,” said Lynette Best Gray.) And there were plenty of Chernobyl and Third Eye Blind references. But mostly, people wanted to know if the taxidermy mount would show that third eye. It would be “a conversation of a lifetime!” said Dixie Dawn. The fact that the hunter is taking a skull disappointed some commentators, but they can take solace in the fact that the third eye socket should be clear to see in the bleached skull.

photo of deer with third eye
A closer look at the third eye of the dollar. Courtesy of Double Nickel Taxidermy

“We are fortunate to be able to mount many unique animals from around the world,” Wilson said. “But this one definitely takes the cake. It’s hard to say what would be second to that, but we’ve seen a mule-shoe pig, albino, melanistic and leucistic animals and three hooves on one foot to name a few. As for that, disbelief would probably best sum up our reaction.”

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