IceMule Black Friday 2022: The best deals on backpack coolers and more

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Published on November 9, 2022 08:38

Nothing gets your blood boiling like taking that old, infirm day cooler to the beach, boat, or camping. And of course, it’s always you who gets stuck with this unforgiving one-person job of carrying everyone’s drinks and lunches.

But don’t worry, the market caught on to this annoyance and now you have every cooler brand making some form of backpack cooler. One of our favorites is IceMule, the brand it appeared under only with pack coolers. With no rollover in sight, IceMule has refined what makes a great cooler backpack, and has delivered on an ever-growing line of soft-sided coolers and cooler bags that are easy to carry.

We love the classic backpack models – The Boss and Pro – as the dual straps make them incredibly easy to carry for long periods of time. Other models, like the Classic and Traveler, have single shoulder straps that still hold the cake on the cooler handle.

Right now, during IceMule’s early Black Friday sale, you can get 20% off IceMule’s most popular coolers using the code ADVENTURE20 in the cash register.

The best Black Friday cooler deals at IceMule

We love IceMule backpack coolers—and they're up to $70 off right now




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