Maine Fly Fishing – Where to go, what to expect, seasons and more

Maine is a beautiful state for all kinds of nature lovers. With its long coastline, mountains, lakes and some of the best torrent trout fishing in the country, it is an extraordinary destination. Below, you will find information on where to fish, laws and even guides you can contact.


The best rivers of Maine to fly fish

Maine’s best lakes and ponds for flying fish

Fly while fishing on the Maine coast

Fishing season and regulations in Maine

Recommended Fly fishing equipment

Fishing guides and lodges on the Maine Fly

The best rivers of Maine to fly fish

Rapid River

The Rapid River is known as one of the best torrent trout fishing in the entire country. Reaching the river involves either a boat ride or a good walk, but the trip is well worth it. The river is not only beautiful, but hosts the extremely large creek trout and a large salmon population. The sections from Lake Umbagog to the river basin are the most productive sections. You will find fly fishing fishermen wrapped in stream trout, salmon and even small-mouthed sea bass (which they throw ashore).

In the fast river it is extremely important to put your flies deep. We recommend that you have heavy nymph installations and transmitters. You may want to check out our guide to flying fishing nymphs, or our guide to flying fishing nets before heading to the fast river.

Magalloway River

The Magalloway River flows into Lake Umbagog and holds some large stream trout and landlocked salmon. The upper reaches of the river are not blocked and contain a lot of local fish. Both the upper and middle parts of the river weigh better in spring and autumn when the water temperatures are cooler. The lower part of the river fishes very well all year round due to the lower water temperatures. The bottom of the river is very fished, but you should still have no problem landing large streams.

Kennybec River

The entire Kennebec River harbors good fishing due to continuous flows and dams across the state. The river flows 170 miles in the state, but the upper part is best known for its large fly fishing. It is here that brook trout grow to sizes larger than 5 pounds and salmon is often longer than 15 inches. Fishermen can also land rainbow trout and brown trout.

The lower sections of the river are extremely productive for other species of fish. The river also gets much bigger as you approach the ocean.

Read more about the Kennebec River:

Penobscot River

The Penobscot is Maine’s largest river with a length of 370 miles. It hosts brook trout, salmon, warm water species and even strips down south. This is a difficult river to cross. With its dimensions it sails best by raft, kayak or any other type of water transport. If you can find deep holes of which there are many, you will find some large fish. With the river so long and large you will find all kinds of water, so every fisherman can find what he is looking for.

Lumi Roach

The Roach River begins at the First Roach Pond in Kokadjo and flows into Spencer Bay on Lake Moosehead. This 6.5 mile stretch is just fly fishing, making it an extraordinary fishing. The river has just as many pools and rifles making it a wonderful fly fishing experience. Fishermen often associate salmon and stream trout. Most fish on the smaller side, but the river has 3+ pounds. Salmon average about 15 inches in the river.

Androscoggin River

The most productive sections of the Androscoggin River are from the New Hampshire border up to about 30 miles in Maine. With easy access by road and large floating parts, this river is extremely productive for fly fishermen. This river is often rich and can catch native brook trout and salmon without access to the sea.

This is by no means a complete list of rivers. There are countless others with excellent fishing. You do not believe us? Here is a complete list of all the rivers in Maine:

Maine’s best lakes and ponds for flying fish

When it comes to lakes and fishing ponds in Maine, there are absolutely endless possibilities. The northern parts of Maine are filled with lakes and ponds that harbor large creek trout, landlocked salmon, sea bass, mushrooms, roasts and everything else you can imagine. A complete list of rivers is impossible, but a list of lakes and ponds is even more difficult. Your best bet is to talk to local guides about an area you want to travel to.

In fact, we found a source that has a listing:

Here you will find a ridiculously long list of pond-only pond fishing in the state of Maine. You will also see rules and regulations for those waters.

Fly while fishing on the Maine coast

People in New England just love stripper fishing. If you have ever been, you will know why. If you have not gone, you should. Stripers are great, they are strong, and they are extremely fun to catch. With the Maines rivers flowing into the ocean and such a vast amount of coastline, there is a ton of water for fly fishermen.

It is important to take a look at the regulations of the state of Maine before going out into the water.

This resource will give you the most up-to-date regulations.

You may find yourself asking: Where do I fish? The answer is almost everywhere. Wherever there is a bay, or wherever there is a river flowing into the ocean, there is probably a very good place to fish very close. Keep your eyes open or just contact a local guide. (See below)

Fishing season and regulations in Maine

Of course, we only accept legal fishing, so here’s almost everything you need to fish legally in the state of Maine:

Licensing and licensing:

General fisheries regulations:

Saltwater fishing regulations:

Special fishing laws:

Maine Recommended Fly Fishing Equipment

For fly fishing, trout rivers and streams in Maine generally flying rods weighing 9 feet 5 and 6 weights, with fly coils and floating lines are the alternatives. See our recommendations below.

Sherebela R8

Sage R8 Fly Rod $ 1050.00

Ross Reels Animas 5/6 Fly Reel 360-375 dollars

Airflo Superflo Ridge Power Taper $ 130

For fly fishing on the coast of Maine, a versatile system would be an 8-foot 9-foot flying rod, enclosed fly coils, and an intermediate flight line.

GLoomis NRX + 908-4 950 dollars

ABEL ROVE 7/9 $ 1255

Airflo Sniper 4 Intermediate Season $ 90

Maine Fly Fishing Guides & Lodges

Maine is a large state, with an absurd amount of rivers, lakes and places to fish along the coastline. It can be a little overwhelming to decide where to go if you are not familiar with the state. That’s why we recommend turning to local guides who can take you to the most productive fishing spots, show you what flies work for and give you a great experience.

Guide services:

If you are interested in stripper fishing, Fly Fishing Shoals can take you to strippers in New Hampshire and Maine.

The Maine Guide Fly Shop can provide you with strippers, brook trout ponds, bass, rivers and just about anything else you might want.

There are a large number of fly fishing guides in the state of Maine, so the following list might seem overwhelming. We recommend you take a look at some of them and choose the one that serves the area where you are looking to fish.


Pond in the River Guide Service

Portland Maine Fishing Charter


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