Memorial Day sales are perfect for buying outdoor equipment

One of the best times to find almost anything on sale, Memorial Day sales are especially fruitful if you are looking for outdoor equipment. Retailers are unloading stocks with the onset of summer and you are getting the best equipment for camping, fishing and grilling with a big discount – win-win.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Memorial Day offers from a range of retailers – buy quickly before it’s too late.

Coast sale in Backcountry

Whether you want Montauk’s ultra-functional Costa Monta look, or something more trendy like Tailwalker or Bayside, Backcountry has some pretty deep discounts for Memorial Day. Costa has built its reputation by making some of the best fishing sunglasses out there, and as such, you do not see them on sale very often. Most models at this sale have light and strong 580P (polycarbonate) lenses, so whatever you get will stay in the water for a few days, year after year. – Luke Guillory

Cabela gas grill

Ready to update your grill game? You can take your grill with you this weekend and save money with this great offer on the Cabela 4-burner Gas Grid. Unlike a traditional grill, the pan allows you to cook a wider variety of items, from pancakes to burgers and beyond. The size of this grill is ideal for both large and small gatherings, and is relatively easy to transport. You can take it to a party at the back door, at the barbecue in the backyard, or even on a family camping trip. The wheels make it even easier to move from one place to another and remove it when you are done. With Remembrance Day nearby, get the offer by ordering online by purchasing at the Cabela store to make sure you are on time for your weekend holiday plans. -Meg Carney

MacSports MacRocker

Have one or two seats this weekend with savings on this folding rocking chair that is perfect for the lake, camp or outdoor cooking. The springless oscillation system is quiet, so you can still enjoy the sounds of silence as you watch the sun go down. A wide seating area and padded armrests keep you comfortable, and mesh pockets store your drinks and personal items. And it’s ready to go in an instant; the chair folds and unfolds in less than five seconds. –Joseph Albanese

Solar Generator Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

Our best overall winner for the best solar generator of 2022, the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is the $ 400 discount on the manufacturer’s website. But, Backcountry has a great package – especially if this is your first solar generator – with the same 20% discount. The Yeti 1500x and Solar kit comes with the generator and solar panel of the Boulder 100 bag. The 1500x is a bit large (46 lbs.) For some, but for most it is a very competent generator and suitable for home booking or off-grid travel. – LG

Ascend D10 Kayak

Are you planning to enjoy the warm weather on the lake this weekend? Save up to $ 100 on kayak sitting in Ascend D10 for more water sports fun. The overall design of this kayak is excellent for beginners and can provide smooth tracing and ample maneuvering. There is a large and open cabin area to make it easy to get in and out of the boat and plenty of storage space. Storage also includes a well-covered area with cooler capacity. You will not want to miss this deal before heading to the lake this weekend. It is the perfect kayak for cold lake days, casual rides and even slow river cruises. -MC

KA-BAR wrench

Undoubtedly, this is a bit of a novelty. But the KA-BAR grief knife is strong enough to complete the job. Forged from a single piece of 425 stainless steel, this naughty guy is ready to work on a custom-made Kydex case that protects you and the blade. Speaking of the blade, it features 3 inches of sharpened real estate to give it a huge enough advantage to easily handle most tasks that appear on a daily basis. For less than $ 30, one of these US-made beauties will reside in my garage toolbox. IMF

Camp Chef SmokePro pellet smokers

SmokePro is not part of the current Camp Chef line, as other models have phased it out. Bad for the general population, great for you, the reader, because it went on sale for $ 220 less on Amazon. SmokePro is a real wood pellet pot that can do anything. The indoor slider gives you the opportunity for a little direct heat to your grills, allowing you to drink on the grill and get a good simmer, which is a good thing for a pellet smoker. What is also great about SmokePro, in my opinion, is that it is NOT WiFi compatible. You can still set an exact temperature in the control panel, but there are no control applications or connection problems. It simplifies things! Just you, your compressed wood pellets and your strong smoker, making barbecue like your ancestors. – LG

stansport-cast iron-camp-stove

Cooking in camp seems different to everyone, but a stove where you can stay can not be beaten. The Stansport 2 cast iron stove makes camping feel more like cooking in your home kitchen. You will not have to trim the corners or make exceptions when preparing a meal on this stove, no matter where you are. It has detachable legs for easy storage and transport, and the steel frame construction offers a sturdy design. While this works like a gas stove, Stansport also creates a pan for it, so you can add a little more variety to your camp cooking experiences. -MC

ThermoPro TP20 cordless meat thermometer

You do not need to hover over the barbecue to make sure your meat is grilled to perfection. The ThermoPro TP20 wireless meat thermometer lets you keep an eye on the grill up to 300 meters away. Unlike many smart devices, you will not have to spend time synchronizing it with your smartphone. Simply open the package and grill. Join your friends and family until the probe reaches the preset temperature and the alarm goes off and it’s time to eat. IMF

Thirteen other great offerings for Memorial Day

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