Missouri Man Tags Buck with Closed Antlers on Skull of Another Deer

When Missouri resident Mike Lewis first saw a camera photo of this buck, he says it “looked like there was a piece of black cloth or plastic stuck to his rack.” The truth, it turns out, is much more interesting. The boy had the entire rack and the skull of another deer placed in his antlers. Here’s how the hunt went.

“The first time I sat in the tree stand was this weekend,” says Lewis. He hunted his 170-acre property in the northwest corner of the Show-Me State with his son. Saturday morning, Oct. 29, he saw good deer movement, but hunting was slow Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon, Lewis’ son wanted to change stands. Lewis decided to shoot his son’s usual attitude – and it turned out to be a fortuitous decision.

the deer walks with antlers stuck to its antlers
Lewis didn’t know exactly what he was looking at when he first took this camera photo. Mike Lewis

“With about 20 minutes left in the shooting light, a doe was out in the field to my right and the buck was chasing him. They were about 70 meters away,” he says. “When I saw him, I thought he was just an unusual person with a lot of dots on his head, and obviously, I decided to shoot him, he got into range. But I didn’t know what it really was.”

The deer turned and was coming right into the wood on the path I wanted. As soon as she got into the timber, I think she choked me. She stood there for about 2 minutes then turned and ran back onto the field. I thought well, that’s over,” he says. “But he didn’t follow him into the field. He walked down the same path and checked the scrape there. He got within 15 yards of me before I realized he had a deer skull stuck in his antlers. In “10 yards, I was already in full draw, and the rest is history. I shot him and he didn’t run 20 yards.”

man poses with dead man with horns stuck in his horns
Lewis secured a permit to legally possess the dead head. Mike Lewis

With the dollar on the ground, the reality of what Lewis had shot hit him. He tagged his buck and then contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation and it was issued horns glued together

Bucks’ antlers can occasionally lock together while fighting. Mike Lewis

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Lewis says the horns stay stuck together. He is able to shake them, but not to separate them. If you catch the dead head, you can take the deer head with it. He estimates both bucks’ antlers to be about 120 to 125 inches. “I would say this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You could almost equate it to a 250 inch deer because you just don’t see that kind of stuff. It’s very unique,” says Lewis. “It’s an indescribable feeling to shoot a deer like this. God bless me with health that I can still hunt and fish. I just feel blessed.”

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