Patagonia releases new vest stealthily

Finally, another innovative step in the world of fly fishing vest models. Patagonia has just released a whole new addition to their line of fishing packages with the new Stealth Pack vest. The new design features low wholesale net to keep the fisherman fresh and comfortable even with additional accessories hanging on their packaging or when holding a daily package. Check out the press release below from Patagonia to learn more!

From Patagonia:

Fishing vests have not really changed since Lee Wulff first joined the cobblestones in 1931. And, for over 90 years they have been… well. So when we started rethinking the most basic fly fishing equipment, we did not want a simple update. We wanted a transformation once a century. The new Patagonia Stealth Pack vest incorporates hyper-lightweight, recyclable materials with exceptional carrying capacity, intuitive functionality and load-lifting suspension technology, adopted by our innovative running vests for a stable fit inside and comfort throughout day.

“The Velek Stealth Pack is a big step forward for performance fishermen,” said Matt Millette, Chief Marketing Officer at Patagonia Fly Fishing. “For decades, no one thought much about the fishing vest. We are fortunate to have a running division in Patagonia. They have made tremendous progress in load stabilization, internal suspension and safe carrying capacity. “These advances, combined with our ever-evolving recycled technology and our ethics of intuitive functionality, make this the most advanced, comfortable, and – most importantly – most usable vest we have ever made.”

Here are the key features and innovations for our Stealth Vest Pack.

Built using our 100% recycled Stealth materials, the Pack vest is water resistant, comfortable and body compliant. On the front, each side of the vest offers three vertical pockets for everything from wild fly boxes to your smallest, most elusive needle. There are plenty of tool connection points, gear documents and a floating pocket that lets go. Large zippered pockets are placed below the vertical pockets. Inside the vest is a hidden rod holder and four additional zippered compartments.

Around the back, the Pack Vest offers a large and compact zippered pocket. Inside the larger pocket is a removable waterproof sleeve for items that simply can not be wet. Beneath those pockets is a wide pocket and convenient for quick access.
Accessible from the rear of the alignment is a light-pull closure that adjusts the Pack Vest suspension system and works with its body-alignment alignment panels. Regardless of the amount of clothing you wear, this system ensures that the vest fits in athletically, is effortlessly held, and does not obstruct your shedding stroke.

Unless you scare a mama bear and her cubs, you are unlikely to get into a sprint while flying while fishing. But with the Stealth Pack vest, a day spent hiking, hiking and wrestling with all the equipment you need will be comfortable, organized and productive.

Convertible vjeleku

For those fishermen looking to include a vest with backpack, we created the Stealth convertible vest. The convertible vest uses the same 100% recycled Stealth materials as the Pack Vest and includes similar vertical pockets for load capacity and intuitive use. The front of the vest also features a synthetic fly swatter, multiple tool attachment points, gear documents and a floating release pocket.

Inside the vest, each side offers two wide pockets and multiple eyelash points. Around the back, a massive zippered pocket swallows extra layers, lunch and that flight box that may just be useful, but the secret dressing is the Stealth convertible vest’s ability to completely transform itself.

The front panels of the vest are glued via sturdy clamps, which are easily used on the shoulder and waist. When these panels are released, they can be quickly connected to the D rings on our Sling, Pack or Duffel Guidewater or Stealth. The kits also attach to almost any device with a webbing or D-ring, giving you extra holding capacity and easy-to-use versatility in the water.

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