Personalized YETI Hells Bay Skiff Up for Grabs in Captains for Clean Water Raffle

Hell’s Bay Boatworks and YETI have teamed up with Captains For Clean Water to create a unique personalized boat that a lucky person will win. And, anyone who gets the grand prize at home will surely turn their head to their local boat platform and flats!

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From Captains for Clean Water:

Hell’s Bay Boatworks and YETI have teamed up with Captains For Clean Water to create a unique personalized boat that a lucky person will win. To support their mission to restore and protect Florida water, Captains For Clean Water is drawing lots for a special custom-built boat created by Hell’s Bay Boatworks in Titusville, Florida and packed with equipment from YETI.

“Hell’s Bay Boatworks and YETI are brands that embody the commitment and leadership of conservation. They have invested their name and resources to provide clean water protection in Florida. “We are proud to partner with them in initiatives like this lottery that support our mission and bring more people into the fight for clean water.”

– Captain Chris Wittman, Director of Contact and Engagement, Captains for Clean Water

The model of the boat is a 17-foot Hell’s Bay Eldora, a technical and lightweight “micro-skiff”, stripped down to the essentials and designed to secretly arrange dwellings, equipped with a 25 hp Yamaha engine, complete SeaDek personalized flooring, Ram-Lin. aluminum trailer, Raymarine Axiom 7 GPS, a Stiffy 22 udhëz steering series propulsion plus a boat load with YETI equipment. As the first YETI edition, the boat features unique touches such as a YETI Hondo Base Camp chair and Tundra cooler for cockpit comfort and a seat cushion made of YETI Waterproof Panga material. Supporters can donate to Captains For Clean Water for a chance to win now until November 25 at Each donation supports the Captains’ mission to protect and restore Florida’s water resources to the satisfaction of all. The winner will be drawn at random on December 1, 2022.

“Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Hell’s Bay Boatworks has been committed from day one to fighting alongside the Captains For Clean Water in pursuing the Everglades restoration. By donating Eldora as the culmination of this year’s lottery, we are investing in protecting Florida waters now and for future generations. ”

– Chris & Wendi Peterson, Owners, Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Exterior brands that lead the protection of clean water

Hell’s Bay Boatworks owners Chris and Wendi Peterson have made conservation one of the core values ​​in Hell’s Bay, supporting organizations like Captains For Clean Water that in turn support environments and ecosystems vital to our passions. Petersons, their talented team at Hell’s Bay headquarters, and their families are actively involved in protecting clean water, often offering boats for ecosystem tours with key decision-makers and meetings with policymakers in Tallahassee and Washington DC.

Finally, Hell’s Bay and YETI worked closely with the Captains For Clean Water during opposition campaigns to combat the proposed bad water policy, Senate Bill 2508. These efforts resulted in a historic victory when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed it. bill on June 8th.

“This is about more than a boat. Across foreign industry, there is a growing movement to lead efforts to conserve and protect our natural resources against industrial corruption and the equestrian political trade. When brands, athletes and women, fishing guides and captains all stand together – we will win. As we did this year with the Senate veto of Bill 2508, the bad water bill that threatened all the progress made in the restoration and water quality of the Everglades. This lottery is an open invitation to join the war. “

– Captain Daniel Andrews, Executive Director, Captains for Clean Water

Captains For Clean Water is a Florida-based nonprofit organization 501 (c) 3, with a mission to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems for the use and enjoyment of all. Founded by Fisheries Guides, Captains has brought together the overseas industry, the business community and concerned citizens on the front lines of the fight for clean water – the blood of the Florida economy and the $ 85.9 billion tourism industry.

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