Reel of the Week: Kids Catching Pike on the Fly Rod

“What started as a social night discussing pike fishing at a local fly shop ended with Owen winning the biggest Pike in the children’s category. Typical Trout anglers, we had never targeted Pike, but we couldn’t turn down a competition and two curious boys.

We grabbed some new tackle and flies and headed out on the water. Given my lack of experience, imagine my surprise with my son’s first cast screaming for a net! I ended up running back and forth between the two guys!

What was only excitement for them ended up being a combination of excitement and anxiety for me. I watched a few YouTube videos on removing hooks from Pike and we came out almost unscathed, but it wasn’t easy. 15 fish later, I lured them away with the promise of sweets.

Keeping your kids interested in fly fishing can be a challenge; the fishing can be slow, or sometimes the fishing can be hot. Some advice for any parent when your kids are interested in fly fishing is to invest in the right gear. Having good clubs, proper boots and waders is a must. Be flexible, one day, they can fish for hours, and the next day, they will be more interested in rocks. Finally, you can’t eat too much food when you fly fishing with your kids. Be patient, teach them something new and have fun while in the water!”

Round of the week by Brandy Hasselback, follow her and her boys fly fishing efforts on Instagram @raising_gingers. Here at Flylords we inspire the next generation to get out on the water and protect the water we all love. If you have a kid who is keen on fly fishing, feel free to send content to our team at and

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