Reel of the Week: Tarpon Fishing with Capt. David Mangum

A note from Captain David Mangum:

Flylords: What are you most looking forward to about tarpon season?

David Mangum: You know, the beginning of it is really great, and at the end of the tarpon season, you’re really like, what else is going on? But at first I’m very turned on. It’s still like a little way out, but it’s all I’m thinking about. Having this warming of the weather and that feeling of seeing the first.

The most interesting thing about tarpon is that it is always changing. There are spots where tarpon live and you fish them. They change here and there, but you know they’ll float over those spots in parts of the tide, there’s all sorts of other aspects of the fish that always change. It’s a puzzle and if it was exactly the same every day it would attract shit. You need to keep yourself engaged…

To read the full Interview with Captain David Mangum presented by Costa Sunglasses, click here. Check out David’s guiding operation located in the Florida Panhandle @shallowwaterexpeditions, or by visiting his website to book a guided trip here.

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