Remembering F&S writer Thomas McIntyre, 1952–2022

On November 3rd, in his sleep, Tom McIntyre left this earth. He was 70 years old. If his heart had stopped while he was awake, he would surely have had time to quote the dying words of the French writer Rabelais: “I am setting off to seek perhaps a great space.” He would have liked something literary.

Tom wrote about hunting, guns and the outdoors for over 40 years and was in our heads for a good part of that. He could out-eat, out-drink, out-think, and out-write anyone I can personally name. His IQ probably measured in the four digits, and his head was filled with more useless and obscure information than any normal person could begin to comprehend.

He wrote many books as well as out-of-issue magazine articles. He spoke with an incomprehensible slur and was famous for sitting up in bed while still asleep and quoting something like, say, Magna Carta, in Latin, perfectly. Tom was a hunter of worldwide experience and an expert in weapons and optics. He loved old movies, actors from the 1940s and 1950s, and good writing. He hated politicians of any kind.

I have many of his emails on my computer. I doubt I’ll ever have the heart to delete them.

book cover photo
McIntyre’s latest book, Thunder Without Rain, will be available in April. Courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing

In the kind of cruel irony that life loves, Tom completed what would be his magnum opus just a few weeks before his death. Its title is Thunder without Rain, A Memoir of Dangerous Game, God’s Cattle, African Buffalo. It is the herd of books on the subject. Tom spent a lot of time in Africa and became obsessed with old people subject. This is a labor of love, if one can love something that will kill you with joy. Its pages number 384 and its completeness is nothing short of fantastic. One reviewer called it “an eccentric masterpiece”.

I’ll go with that. Tom’s book will be available from Skyhorse Publishing in April 2023, which is just a short gallop away.

Selected F&S Stories by Tom McIntyre

We can think of no better way to pay tribute to McIntyre and his incredible talent than by enjoying his writing. Here are some of our favorite F&S stories from him. (Click on the title to read.)

A rare friendship remembered in the glittering moments of time spent together outside

Remembering F&S writer Thomas McIntyre, 1952–2022
Brian Grossenbacher

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photo of Cape Buffalo
Martin Karnis from Pixabay

While the majesty of the quarry is unchanged, the public face of the trophy hunter has been transformed, from hero to villain. However done right, there is still honor in the pursuit and there is no better way to preserve the great game

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David Mark from Pixabay

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