REVIEW: Why I Made the Switch to Revo Sunglasses

The Dexter frames come with the NASA technology glass lenses in a medium sized frame. I chose the medium size because I utilize that size in my Costas and wanted a good comparison. I have a normal sized head (hat size is 7 3/8) and based on measurements, this was the recommended size.

The Good in the Revo Dexter Sunglasses

I utilized a postage scale and quickly found out the Dexter glasses were lighter than the Costa Blackfin Pros I used this year. While I could shed weight with a plastic lens, my tendency is to scratch up a poly lens the first trip out and then be frustrated at price and quality. I switched quite a while ago to glass lenses regardless of brand. So apples to apples, the weight is better.

Less weight means fewer headaches after a long day on the water. I often had a headache after a day on the water in the Costas. I’d have pain above my ears and on the bridge of my nose. After three days of testing and being on the water more than 10 hours each time, I never developed a headache from wearing the Revo Dexter frames with the glass lenses.

Another HUGE advantage was when it came to reading my electronics like my fish finder. In every pair of polarized glasses I have ever owned, I had a common problem. I had to move my head around to just the right angle to see the screen on my fish finder. That is until the Dexters. Revo sunglasses use a completely different technology than everyone else and because of their multilayer, specialized approach, I could read my fishfinder without having to jostle around or take my sunglasses off. That’s big.

The durability of the Revo lens is impressive. I’ve shoved them in a pocket of my PFD, put them in my zipper pocket of my waders all without the case or bag and had no issues with scratching and damage. I also love that the lens technology keeps oils and fingerprints at a minimum.

DEXTER Revo Sunglasses Review

I do also appreciate that Revo is not a straight from China product. Revo sunglasses are made in the USA, Italy, and Mauritius. If repairs need to be done, those are all handled here in the US.

Areas for Improvement

Since the fishing market is so new, not a lot of different lens colors exist yet. Blue, green, and gray are the current offerings. I’d love to see Revo introduce an amber lens and a daylight yellow (think shooting glasses) as additional offerings.

The price point is something they may limit the market and that really is not my call. The Costa Blackfin Pro glasses with 580G lenses run $ 270. The Dexter framed Revos are $ 300. At 11% more, competing with an established brand might be difficult. This hits especially with fewer offerings. It makes sense though. If you have a firm belief you are the highest quality, you roll with that price point.

We need more fishing frames! I know this is a new venture into the fishing realm. I do think more frame styles to fit more needs / wants of anglers would be awesome to see.

Final Thoughts

I’ve made the switch. Costas are great but at about the same price, no more headaches, and the ability to always be able to read my electronics without having to contort or remove my glasses completely, I’m a Revo guy now.

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