Suzuki introduces the micro-plastic collection filter that attaches to the outer panels

At this point, ocean plastics and microplastics have been major topics surrounding the health of our seas and freshwater resources. Recently, Suzuki Marine announced an exciting development, a microplastic filter that will fit new outboards, passively removing microplastics while boats are underway. Check out the press release from Suzuki Marine below to learn more!

From Suzuki Marine:

“Leading innovator Suzuki Marine is actively testing the new microplastic filter device and is moving closer to making this product available to boaters across the United States and around the world. This device is just one part of the company’s larger Clean Oceans Project initiative, through which Suzuki is applying its technical expertise, resources and manpower to help create a positive impact on aquatic environments around the world.

Previewed in the global boating industry in Fall 2020 as the first microplastic collection device designed for installation on outboard motors, Suzuki has continued to test and refine this product, which has the power to make Suzuki owners part of the solution to the global challenge. of microplastic pollution. The filter systems have arrived in the United States and are currently being tested on vessels stationed at the new Suzuki Marine USA Technical Center in Panama City, Florida.

The plan is to test the filters on these engines and document their effectiveness in collecting different types of microplastic pollution. Micro-plastic pollution is created when bottles, bags, wrappers and other waste thrown into the ocean are broken down into smaller and smaller pieces by the sun, salt water and wave action.

While micro-plastic particles are small—less than 5 mm as defined by NOAA—they pose a major environmental challenge to aquatic environments and animals. Not only are these particles difficult to detect and remove, but they are also often ingested by turtles, fish and other sea creatures, causing harm and even death.

You can read more about the exciting innovation here!

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