Tennessee fisherman catches rare leucist carp with large head

On a recent fishing trip to Lake Reelfoot, Victor Siwik from Reagan, Tennessee, made an incredible catch – a large big-headed carp with a strange white and yellow color. Siwik was staying in Reelfoot Outdoors with his wife for Memorial Day weekend. They were out to fish late at night on May 28th. On the morning of the 29th, Siwik set off for a single morning fishing session on the bank while his wife slept inside.

Siwik was being caught with a large triple hook, hoping to land a driving fish, which was still in its season at the time. Instead, Siwik got into a herd of silver carp, an invasive fish known for jumping out of the water and posing a safety hazard to speedboats. He had caught about 20 silver carp and was ready to call it a day.

“I decided I would go ahead and try just one more fish,” he says. “And, boy, I’m glad I did. I threw as much as I could, and when I tied up, that guy turned left and just didn’t stop. “The crawl was screaming.”

white-headed carp in the grass near the smallest silver carp
The large-headed carp really stands out among the smallest silver carp caught Siwik. Viktor Siwik

Siwik struggled with the big fish for a while before getting a glimpse of it. Mezi u besonte syve. “I saw that white tail that came out of the water and I was like ‘daggum, I can not miss this fish,'” he says. “That meant not putting him on a horse and just letting him play. When you have one that’s big on the line, that’s all you can do. You have to be easy with them. “

After a good 15-minute battle using a Berkley Big Game fishing rod, Siwik brought the beast closer to shore. To lower the grudge, he says he jumped into the water and grabbed it by the mouth, before dragging it to dry ground. It was a devilish fish — and the first stubborn Siwik carp ever caught on a rod and coil. She weighed 41.68 pounds and was 4 feet, 1 inch tall. But even more noticeably, the fish was almost white with some yellow and black markings.

man holds white carp for picture
The rare fish is the first magnificent Siwik carp caught using a rod and coils. Viktor Siwik

“I’ve never seen or caught a fish like this in real life,” Siwik says. The first thing I thought was ‘thank you god’ because I knew I was blessed. “After that, I was very excited to tell my wife.”

Large-headed carp are likely to have a rare genetic condition called leukemia, which inhibits melanin, causing extremely pale or wet staining. The condition is distinct from albinism, which results in a complete lack of melanin – and any coloration other than white. Earlier this spring, a woman caught a shocking white albino catfish in the Tennessee River.

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Large carp, like silver, black, and grass carp, are considered invaders in Tennessee. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency notes that the species may have detrimental effects on native species, and they are working to remove them from the affected waterways. As for the Siwik fish, he plans to make a copy of it – and it will be unique.

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