The best deals from Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon’s Prime Day is starting to get so big it’s a little scary. They’re trying to sell you so much that it’s almost impossible to sift through it to find out what you actually came there for. Fortunately, the gear team here at Field & Stream we’ve covered all the outside deals from Prime Day 2022, and we’re using this story to bring you all the most important deals from our two-day coverage.

If you want to analyze our more specialized stories, find them here. Otherwise, here are our favorite hardware deals from Prime Day 2022 so far:


Reliable water filtration or purification systems are invaluable at home. There are so many great water filters out there, but the LifeStraw is one of the lightest weight options available. It’s perfect for trail runners, emergency preparedness and anything that involves international travel. Each LifeStraw can filter up to 792 gallons (3,000 liters) of water while removing up to 99.9999% of bacteria (salmonella, E. Coli, cholera, etc.). It can also remove up to 99.9% of protozoa, including giardia. You don’t even need to use other cleaning methods along with the LifeStraw because it’s such an effective filtration device.

Summer Maven C1

These C1 binos from Maven are one of our favorite offerings on this list. This pair of 12×24 binoculars is great for hunters, shooters and birders. It has a lightweight frame and multi-coated lenses for crystal clear vision. They are extremely durable and include anti-fog, waterproof and scratch-resistant technologies. They weigh 1.54 pounds and include Maven’s unconditional lifetime warranty.

Featured image of Gerber Gear Ultimate Knife

First, it is a solid fixed blade. It has a full blade, drop point blade and a serrated half edge. Coupled with the ergonomic rubber handle and steel hammer, you can get real strength behind the knife.

Where this fixed blade really excels is in the built-in survival mechanisms. In the holster you have a fixed iron bar as well as a built-in sharpener for field touches. And on the knife itself, you have an emergency whistle in case you are in a more dire situation.


But if you’re looking for everyday carry, the CRKT is an assisted open EDC knife that deploys quickly and seamlessly. It has a lightweight and compact design that makes it ideal to carry on your person. The carbon stainless steel blade is durable and easy to keep sharp. The glass-reinforced nylon handle has grooves for a comfortable grip. Everything you need in an EDC knife.

Coleman tents

Coleman is a classic and affordable camping brand that makes tents and other camping essentials. If you’re looking for a family camping tent, the Coleman 8-Person Prime Day Tent is worth checking out. While still less expensive than many competing brands, a tent of this size can be a costly investment. Luckily, you can get up to 56% off the retail price on Prime Day, saving you money and giving you a tent the whole family can enjoy.

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