The best fishing subscription boxes in 2022

Fishing subscription boxes are a fun way to add new allure and techniques to your arsenal. Many of the boxes on the market are species specific, with the temptation to cover a range of techniques. They are useful for fishermen who are just starting out or who want to try new fishing styles. The best part is that subscription boxes are created to give you more than you pay for. Many $ 20 boxes have over $ 30 worth of accessories and accessories in them. To save you the trouble of trying multiple boxes, here are some of my top picks for the best fishing subscription boxes.

Things to consider before buying

Jumping head-on at a subscription service can be tricky if you are not sure what to look for. You do not want to miss out on a multi-month subscription just to find out that the box is not what you wanted To avoid this, look for boxes that match the type of fishing you plan to do. With this in mind, you can narrow down the boxes based on value, affordability and how often you want to get them.

Target species

There are many boxes available on the market, so it is important to know what you want to fish for. While there are options for regular fishing boxes, the best buzz for your dollar is in species specific boxes. If you plan to target the bass religiously – get a box specific to the bass. These will expose you to new temptations and techniques. For other fishermen, such as trout fishermen, specialized fly fishing boxes offer new flies or even attachment packages to make you more familiar with the sport.

Affordability and value

When choosing a subscription box, I always look for value. How much does the box cost and how much will I get from it? Many boxes are available for about $ 20 a month, which is affordable for most anglers. In a $ 20 box, I expect to have at least $ 25 to $ 30 worth of equipment. Look carefully to make sure you get the most out of your money.

Mystery Tackle Box is the best fishing subscription box.

Why did he cut

The original tool handling subscription service – Mystery Tackle Box supplies unique boxes with a variety of temptations for different techniques and types.

Key Features

  • Cost: $ 19.99
  • Retail Value: $ 25 +
  • Target types: Sea buckthorn, salt water on shore, mushrooms, fish and trout


  • Disposable boxes of different types
  • Affordable
  • It can vary between species at any time


  • The value is not as high as the other boxes

Mystery Tackle Box (MTB) came on the scene in 2012 and has since offered some of the best subscription boxes out there. Known for its bass fishing boxes, each box is complete with numerous solid baits like jerkbaits baits and high water baits, soft plastics and matching hooks. For fishermen who want to try new techniques, this is a great way to test new bait before you go yourself. The shooting shots of fishing in small ponds were not on my radar before I was an MTB subscriber. After trying out a box of bait hooks, I made sure to have them in my toolbox for thin fish. Recently, MTB has expanded its offerings to fish, saltwater and wall, so all fishermen have an option. The best part is if you are planning to make a trip after a new species, you can change the boxes on a monthly basis to reserve some new lures.

Man-O-War Fishing Supply is the best sea's fishing subscription box.

Why did he cut

The Man-O-War team offers premium boxes filled with high quality items, specific to sea fishing.

Key Features

  • Cost: $ 45
  • Retail Value: $ 180
  • Target types: Types on the shore


  • Great values
  • Tested guide
  • Custom-made solid baits


Based in Tampa, Florida, the founder of Man-O-War Fishing Supply set out on a mission to design these boxes – to offer a variety of proven tools that resist shore fishing. Once I get my first box, I can confirm that it is so. Each box comes with a wide range of temptations for any saltwater technique. Everything from extracting corks and soft plastics to some solid baits to cover every scenario in the water. Strong baits are unique in that Man-O-War, along with local guides, designed and tested them specifically for shore situations. In addition to the tools, the box was ready to be inserted with the braid and steering wheel to properly mount a fishing reel on shore. The only downside is that they are now offered quarterly, but in my experience, it’s worth the wait.

Postfly Box is the best subscription box for fishing flight.

Why did he cut

Postfly offers fly fishing and fishing tackle boxes that change each month depending on the time of year and conditions.

Key Features

  • Cost: $ 27.95
  • Retail Value: $ 35 +
  • Target types: Trout, warm water, sea water


  • Flies change seasonally depending on the conditions
  • Involves leaders
  • Partners with Trout Unlimited for an annual membership


  • Only 10-12 flies in the regular box

Fly fishing has long been known as a secret and elite sport that is intimidating to young fishermen. Thankfully, the Postfly Box offers a fly fishing subscription box that brings flies and helpful tips straight to your door. More than any other type of fishing, there are an infinite number of fly patterns and techniques to choose from. Each box comes with 10-12 flies with two of each style, so if you lose one, you have a spare. Also included is a flight guide written by Postfly that explains how and when to use each fly. This helps lower the learning curve. Additionally, subscribers receive an annual Trout Unlimited membership for more information on fly fishing and conservation. Along with this, each box includes a narrow guide selected specifically for the flies involved. For fishermen who prefer to tie their flies, a box for tying flies is available with step-by-step instructions for new models every month.

Sportsman's Box is the best subscription box for hunting and fishing.

Why did he cut

Sportsman’s Box is a truly customizable subscription box, created to give the customer the choice of hunting or fishing equipment he wants.

Key Features

  • Cost: $ 109.99-299.99
  • Retail Value: $ 200-550
  • Target types: Based on customer wishes


  • Fully customizable
  • Naming of hunting and fishing equipment
  • Great values


In the world of the subscription box, the Sportsman’s Box is one of the few that gives you access to hunting and fishing. It is also one of the only boxes we tested that is truly customizable. The first step is to answer a questionnaire with your preferences. From there, you can choose from the Weekender, Pro and Executive boxes with different amounts of equipment in each package. Having a truly personalized box gives you useful equipment that you might not otherwise have realized you needed or had money for. The Executive package lets you choose the two pieces of equipment that will work best for you. For a future deer trip, I could choose an ALPS sleeping pillow and a Browning sleeping bag that I knew I would need on the high mountain. When the seasons change, you can change your preferences to sew the box to whatever you need, be it hunting or fishing. Monthly boxes are also available to further your arsenal of equipment for those who want more.

The Monsterbass Regional Pro Series is the best Bas fishing subscription box.

Why did he cut

Monsterbass is designed simply for bass fishermen with boxes specific to your local conditions to help fit the catches.

Key Features

  • Cost: $ 35.99
  • Value: $ 50
  • Target types: Big and small mouth bass


  • Based on regional conditions
  • Bait from premium companies
  • Guide to bait included


Just because a subscription box is traded toward the bass does not mean that the Great Lakes fish will react the same as the Lake Okeechobee fish. Monsterbass decided to solve the biggest problem with the other subscription boxes – regional differences. Their response was to work with local guides and professional fishermen to select the lures for each state and time of year. The result is a box that works just as well for northern smallmouth as Florida largemouth. A box in Florida I tested had specific colors for the conditions and bait fish we find below. Each box includes a set of solid bait and soft plastic and a guidebook on how to fish each one. This helps you expose yourself to new tactics to become a fuller fisherman.

How I made my choices

Some of my first memories are related to fishing and since then, I have tried every technique I can, fishing almost everything that floats. Putting in the water countless hours to find a pattern, I wish subscription boxes were available when I started. For novice anglers, the right box can help you choose a specific species with proven treatment, saving you some money. When choosing a box, the most important part is to choose the one that works for you. They vary in price and species, so knowing which fish you want to target will get you started in the right direction. I rated the boxes for a variety of species based on these criteria:

  • Cost: How much does a subscription cost?
  • Retail Value: How much do you save on retail equipment through subscription?
  • Time frame: Is the box monthly or quarterly?
  • Content: Is the device reputable and has a brand name?
  • Additional Swag: Do you get extra accessories like fabrics, adhesives or other accessories?
  • Gear guides: Does the box come with a guide to explaining how to use the device?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a subscription box cost?

Subscription boxes can vary greatly in price, but this depends on how often they are shipped and their contents. Most start-up boxes will range from $ 25 to $ 30. If you find yourself looking for more, companies usually offer premium boxes with more accessories for an added price. Quarterly boxes will usually cost you between $ 60 and $ 100 and tend to include top-notch equipment for things like hunting or shore fishing.

Q: Which fishing subscription box is best?

It’s hard to say which box is best because it depends on what you are fishing for. Each box is adapted to specific fishing species or target species. Our top recommendations touch on a variety of fishing styles and have something for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Question: How many boxes for dealing with the mystery are there?

Mystery Tackle Box comes in a host of different options, including regular, pro and elite series boxes. Ordinary boxes are great for novice fishermen looking to try out new tools. For the more experienced fishermen, the pro and elite series boxes offer a wider range of tools that are great for trying out new techniques.

Final Thoughts

Every fisherman can benefit from a subscription box. The hard part is choosing the right one for you. The temptations and new devices you find in these boxes will push you to try new techniques you would not otherwise do. These tactics can be extremely effective and can dramatically improve your catch rates. Regardless of which box you choose to go with, make sure it reflects what you are fishing for and your investment is significant.

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