The best gifts for female gun owners in 2022

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When it comes to buying gifts for female gun owners, I’m a firm believer that for many things, there’s no difference between what you’d get a woman and what you’d get a man. However, even I have to admit that there are some things my husband owns that I don’t like (looking at you, very heavy bag).

If you’re shopping for a girl who hunts or hunts, there are tons of great topical ideas out there. Below—based on my personal experience as a woman who hunts and shoots—are the best gifts for female gun owners to snag this year, from slim-fit electronic ear muffs to a stylish vest for Beretta shooting.

Best for travel

Pelican Vault

Think of the Pelican as the Yeti of gun cases. They are known to be extremely durable and strong – strong enough to protect her weapons on the move, no matter where it’s aimed. From the best-selling Vault line, you can choose between a single or double rifle case, each of which features secure button closures, four layers of dense foam and wheels for easy transport. Plus, the case itself is made of a weather-resistant, crush-resistant material.

The best for the Range

Exos Range Bag

If her home away from home is the shooting range, she’ll need something to carry all her gear around. Enter the Exos Range Bag, which has nearly 4,000 rave reviews on Amazon. Available in 10 colors and prints—including leopard print and camo—it’s made from weather-resistant 600 diamond nylon and has plenty of pockets for organization and storage. It can hold up to five magazines in the wide main compartment.

The best hearing protection

Best Hearing Protection: Walker's Razor Series Slim Shooter Electronic Earmuffs

Prevent your giftee from damaging their ears the next time they pull the trigger with a pair of Walker’s Razor Series Slim Electronic Earmuffs. The slim-fitting earmuffs will hug their ear, blocking out loud blasts, but still allowing them to hear outside noises through sound amplification technology. They come in 20 prints and colors and, according to more than 50,000 Amazon reviewers, are comfortable and easy to wear.

The best shooting glasses

Ducks Pa Limited Shooting Glasses

Ducks Unlimited partnered with popular safety glasses brand Pyramex to create these tough tested shooting glasses. The kit comes with 5 interchangeable polycarbonate lenses in clear, amber, bronze, orange and vermilion. It also includes a neoprene carrying case, cleaning cloth and detachable cord.

Best for handgun owners

UpLULA magazine uploader

I learned the hard way that loading pistol magazines is no fun, at least not for my small hands. Compatible with both single and double stack magazines, this universal loader is easy to use and will help your gunner load faster with less stress on his hands. It’s available in a rainbow of colors and has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews from Cabela’s shoppers.

Best for target practice

Spray Intentions

Whether she’s shooting at the range or taking in a few rounds in the backyard, help her out with a pack of the ever-popular Splatterburst targets, which have more than 22,000 rave reviews (pun intended). I use these targets and love that the fluorescent yellow makes it easy to see where your shot landed, regardless of visibility conditions or distance. They come in packs of 10, 25 or 50.

The best shooting clothes for women

Beretta Shooting Vest

I’m a firm believer that when you feel good, you shoot good. So that’s where a stylish shooting vest can come in handy for the female gun owner in your life. This one from Beretta boasts the trademark high quality and durability. Available in three color combinations and in women’s sizes XS to 3XL, the figure-hugging vest is made from breathable mesh and, according to one reviewer, “has all the right pockets in all the right places.”

Best for the rifle shooter

GWG Rifle Sling

All you have to do is look at the brand—Girls with Guns—to know that this is a good choice for any female shooter who owns a rifle (their slogan is “Designed by women for women”). The silicone rubber backing provides extra grip so it doesn’t slip off her shoulder, and the strap itself is rated up to 500 pounds. It also features easily adjustable buckles and a muted camo print.

The best shooting aid

Primo's Shooting Stick

Help her shoot more accurately—and prevent her arms from getting sore and tired—with this Primos Shooting Stick. It helps eliminate human error from swings or unnecessary movements that come from tired muscles or an overzealous hunter. It has received rave reviews from thousands of Amazon customers for its durability, light weight, and durability. Plus, it can be extended enough to be used from a standing position.

Best for ammo

Magpul Daka Bag

My husband might be okay hauling a clunky box of ammo to the range – but I’m not for that life. Instead, I prefer to fill these lightweight Magpul pouches with the ammo I’ll need for the day and toss them in my range bag. Made from water-resistant polymer with super-secure zippers, they come in a variety of sizes and are strong enough to take a beating.

The best jewelry

Shotgun earrings

Struggling to find something for the gun girl who has everything? Consider these faux bullet earrings, which are plated in silver gold and look just like a 12-gauge shotgun shell. You know what the saying goes: You can take the girl out of the range, but you can’t take the range out of the girl. She can wear these anytime, anywhere.

Best for woman

Groove Life Ring

I wore my rings shooting once, and that’s all it took for me to realize I hated it. My engagement ring kept jangling around and the wedding band slipped on my finger. These stackable rings from Groove Life saved me (and my skin). Not only do they come in a host of camouflage patterns perfect for hitting the field, but they’re also extremely comfortable and made from medical-grade silicone with ridges along the interior that allow for breathability and flexibility.

The best tactical pants

Under Armored Tactical Pants

The problem with a lot of women’s hunting and shooting gear is that the clothing is simply scaled-down clothing for men – which isn’t exactly comfortable or flattering 99% of the time. These tactical pants from Under Armour, however, are a real win. Available in six tones and two camo patterns, the pants come in women’s sizes 0 to 20 and are made with strong, sweat-wicking material. They have plenty of roomy cargo pockets for your gift to store all of her belongings.

Sig Sauer Red Dot Sight

If she’s trying to use iron sights on her pistol or just wants to upgrade her gun, she’ll love this red dot sight from Sig Sauer. It’s easy to see and has eight different brightness levels. Boasting a 10-year battery life, the sight automatically turns on when it senses motion – a huge convenience for any shooter.

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