The best new knives of 2022

Updated June 8, 2022, 9:51 p.m.

Follow our full coverage of the best new 2022 hunting and shooting equipment, including rifle, shotgun, pistols, ammunition, composite arches, bowsand more.

Knife manufacturers are using the service in this year’s new production of outer edges, with improvements in better steels for better noise performance and models targeting emerging markets like rear seat users (think light knives crazy) and games. and fish gourds (think the edges from the field to the table). Unlike a few years in the world of bladesmithing, there are not many crazy people out there. But there are many benefits to getting people back to basics. Like cutting things.

Here are the best knives of 2022 for people like you and me.

CRKT Bona Fide
The new Bon Fide comes in silver (shown) or OD Green for 99.99. A Limited Edition model costs $ 250. KRKT

Intriguing design has long been a strong CRKT suit and features the brand’s innovative Field Strip technology, which allows you to break a folding knife like you would disassemble a 1911 one. With the new Bona Fide , CRKT uses Field Strip technology at a simpler, better level. The knife steel is shaped up to D2, with an IKBS pivot with retaining ball for a smooth satin flip opening. And the sleek knife profile, which suggests the shape of a traditional Hawaiian canoe, pays homage to the home of knife-making guru – and stylist Bona Fide – Ken Onion.

SOG Terminus XR LTE
The new lightweight Terminus XR LTE sells for $ 139.95. Thika SOG

Sharp shaving is provided with SOG knives, but shaving ounces while preserving the characteristics of the company’s sharp design firm is a trick worth mentioning. Almost a third lighter than the original XR terminus, the new XR LTE loses weight with carbon fiber components and G10, including glove coatings and scales. To fit the cut-off appearance, the S35VN blade steel is coated with corrosion-resistant titanium nitride, built with a clamping profile and everything closes with the hard-tested XRE blocker that can withstand 1500 pounds of pressure. And when we say light, we mean crazy light. With a 2.95-inch blade and an overall length of 7.17 inches, the XR Lite is 2.2 ounces sharp. Slam dunk daily.

Toadfish Outfitters fillet knife
This new folding fillet knife costs $ 48. Outfitters Toadfish

Many people think that the best fillet knife is the cheapest with which they can escape, but the new Toadfish Stowaway knife is built strong enough and with enough useful features, that it will not bother you to pay a few dollars more. As a start, it’s a folder, so it will fit in appliances bags and kitchen drawers without taking up too much space. The 7-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade is coated with titanium for extra resistance to corrosion in salt, and the knife has a built-in carbine clip, so it will hang easily. And Toadfish is known for its support for preserving the sea, so you will feel even better about that fish cooler that awaits you and your knife.

Morakniv Eldris LightDuty

The handy Eldris LightDuty sells for $ 24 online. Morakniv

Honesty is refreshing, but do not read too much into the name of Morakniv’s new Eldris LightDuty knife. The renowned Swedish knife manufacturer is known for building extremely strong knives for extremely low prices and Eldris will be much taller than its weight category. Or, with a 2.2-inch blade, over its length. The 12C27 stainless steel blade is built with a Scandi grinder, so it shines in the cut. The handle has a textured handle and is more than double the length of the blade, you can hold it securely with serious pressure.

Gerber Terracraft full size survival knife.
The new Gerber Terracraft retails for $ 150. Gerber kni

Gerber becomes all-American with his latest entry into the bushcraft arena, with this beautiful and gorgeous full-size survival knife. The Terracraft carries a 0.166-inch-thick S30V blade, with a solid tip, Scandi grinder and a rod-worthy rod that you can beat until the cows return home. It is made with some serious chisels with survival knife, from the inner holes in the handle to attach to a wooden staff like a makeshift spear and a 90 degree blade back for ease in striking sparks from an iron rod. Where it differs from many survival edges and bushcraft is in the ergonomically designed G10 handle scales, designed to minimize hotspots, cracks and bladders during long sessions of hard manual work. A leather case gives it an interesting Daniel-Boone-meets-modern-bushcrafting atmosphere.

Chef knife for outdoor life camping

One of five new knives from Outdoor Life, the Camping Chef Knife retails for just under $ 70. Life in nature

Cuisine traditions of hunting and fishing leave a serious mark on the new 2021 knife production, with some models built to move smoothly from the field to the kitchen – whether the kitchen is inside or outside in the middle of nowhere. Outdoor Life releases five new knives and a handy camping cap this year, and this Camping Chef’s knife fits that cloak well from the field to the table. A 6-inch satin finish finished with 7Cr17MoV has a flat grind for excellent cutting ability, whether you cut deer steak from a bacon or work on a bunch of onions for the Dutch oven. The full-color construction gives the blade balance and strength, and a double injected nylon fiber handle holds the adhesive knife in your palm when wet.

Argali Serac
The new Serac comes with a Kydex case for $ 210. Argali Outdoors

Idaho-based directors turned into equipment designers Jason Kaufmann and Brad Brooks have established a loyal fan base among the country’s hunters. Their new Serac fixed blade knife will deepen it. Similar to the Argal’s first knife, carbon under 2 ounces, the Serac retains the skeleton handle model and S35VN steel top shelf, but holds a deeper belly at the tip of the knife with the drop point for better cleaning tasks. skin. The 3-inch blade is paired with a 4.25-inch handle, a ratio that provides plenty of control for tight space work as well as manual padding when you need to apply considerable shear pressure to the blade for field dressing and opening large animals. to excrete feces. It’s a knife that hits much higher than its weight category, with a 2.1 ounce fit for the seat, not counting the Kydex case included.

Benchmade 4001 Table Set
The new Benchmade four-knife set retails for $ 600. Benchmade

Hunting, fishing and the culinary arts are becoming more and more intertwined, so it is no wonder that a knife maker like Benchmade would find a way to bridge the gap. Its 4001 desk set is a field-to-desk solution containing four knives that are strong enough for food preparation tasks and easy slaughter, but packed with enough table manners to feel at home nearby a dinner plate. The knives have a cutting point to give them a useful piercing tip and very strong control, and a short serrated section for ease of cutting the meat in front of the company. The full color CPM 154 stainless steel blades are 5.13 inches long and are sharpened through the process of Benchmade SelectEdge owner. They come in a sleek red birch box for storage, but given their cross-border utility, they may not stay there for long. And bonus points for Benchmade’s free lifelong knife sharpening program.

Interchangeable blade set with highly flexible Bubba

The set comes with two edges and a holder case with strong sides. Bubba Blades

When it comes to cleaning fish, we’ve all brought a knife into a gunfight – which means we tried to remove, fish and fillet a large fish with a small fillet knife, or vice versa. Works, but not very well. With the new sets of Bubba interchangeable fillet knives, you can change the blade length and bending characteristics to fit the edge with the fish, so you will leave less meat on the bone. The saltwater pair comes with a 7-inch curved blade to work around the ribs and spines and a solid 9-inch blade when you need to start the business with hard-bone species. The freshwater package has a 7-inch curved blade and an 8-inch ultra-curved blade for precise detailed cuts. Each comes in a difficult case. Bubba made a fuss a few years ago with her attractive, hyper-ergonomically designed knives. Doubling with interchangeable edges is like lifting a ball near the pool. Knife kits will be available later this spring.

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