The Best Power Banks of 2022

Updated June 22, 2022 at 4:06 p.m.

Power banks are useful devices that will keep electronic devices running when you do not have access to an electrical outlet. These devices are a key component of off-grid survival devices and they vary in size and capability. Power banks will range from pocket-sized devices that can charge a phone or GPS, to large high-capacity banks that can operate non-rechargeable devices, such as a CPAP or a small refrigerator.

The power banks I chose here are easy to pack and transport and are mostly geared for smaller electronics. If you are looking to use a refrigerator or TV, you will need to upgrade to a larger unit.

The best bank of all-encompassing power

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station is the best power bank overall.

Why did he cut: It is a versatile and reliable power plant that will keep everything charged and will not take up much space making it our choice for the best energy bank in general.

Key Features:

  • Integrated AC inverter
  • Multiple production design for all your devices
  • Solar charging capability


  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Simple charging options
  • Integrated transport handle


  • Longest recharge time
  • It weighs over 13 pounds

You and your friends have a lot of technology to keep you busy, from phones to fish finders to medical equipment. This Jackery 500W has all the outputs and power you need to keep it all running for a 2-3 day off-grid trip. It has a 3-pin AC outlet, a 12VDC (10A) drive, two 12 VDC (7A) pin ports and three standard USB (2.4A) ports. It also has a protective circuit set to protect your battery and device from damage, including overload / discharge, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent and short circuit.

Weighing almost 14 kilograms, it is easy to carry with the integrated handle. It is capable of simultaneous port use, so anyone can enter without pulling straw. The battery is powerful enough to run a small TV for more than seven hours, a laptop for 30 hours, a mini fridge for nine hours, and to charge a phone more than 50 times. With Jackery, you will not have to sacrifice the comfort of the creatures on the field.

The best energy bank for backpack

The Goal Zero Venture 75 is the best energy bank for backpacking.

Why did he cut: This new power bank has a fast charging time, plus a 50 lumen emergency flashlight, making it the best power bank for backpacking.

Key Features:

  • Battery Li-ion NMC 19200 mAh
  • Weight: 20.35 ounces
  • Rated IP67

The benefits:

  • High charging capacity with fast charging capability and three charging ports
  • Dust-proof and waterproof to withstand the elements
  • Integrated emergency flashlight 50 lumens


  • Does not support simultaneous charging

Goal Zero has earned a reputation in the foreign industry for quality and reliability as well as continuous innovation. The 19,200 mAh Li-ion NMC battery will charge a phone five times, an action camera more than once, a tablet twice and even a laptop once. While it does not support simultaneous charging, it comes equipped with two USB-A 3A ports and a 60 W USB-C port for fast Power Deliver charging.

Measuring 6.1 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches, it is easy to pack. The housing and gates are sealed with an IP67 rating that makes it dustproof and waterproof to a depth of 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes, with a wide operating temperature range from 32 to 113 degrees F Charges in two hours using a regular wall charging system. In the field, you can pair it with a solar panel and recharge it in six hours.

The Tainbat 30000 mAh solar charger is the best energy bank for camping.

Why did he cut: This waterproof, dustproof and shockproof power bank has integrated LED flashlight and can charge two devices at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 30,000 mAh
  • Two charging ports
  • Weight: 14.99 ounces

The benefits:

  • Multiple outputs that can charge devices simultaneously
  • Integrated dual LED flashlight
  • Compact design, measuring less than 7 inches long and 4 inches wide


  • Suitable only for smaller electronics

This power bank has two output ports, a large battery capacity and a solar panel to recharge the battery when needed. It is extremely durable with plastic caps to protect the gates when they are not in use. You will be able to use camp lights and charge devices of similar dimensions such as a handheld GPS unit, a radio and an action camera. It is ideal for a small group of people loading small items, which often happens on a camping trip, making it the best energy bank for camping trips.

It has an integrated flashlight with three levels of illumination and an SOS alarm signal for emergencies. Shockproof housing is dustproof and weatherproof. The shelter design is suitable for packing, measuring only 6.4 x 3.3 inches, so you will be able to fit it in your pack or bag without having to sacrifice another piece of equipment or tie it him from the outside with a carbine.

Its integrated solar panel is strictly for backup, as its size will not be able to recharge the bank in a timely manner. You will need to plug it in at home and make sure it is fully charged before you go out for maximum efficiency.

Best portable Power Bank

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is the best mobile energy bank.

Why did he cut: It is not very heavy, has AC and USB ports and can be charged with a solar panel.

Key Features

  • AC and USB charging capability
  • Replaceable battery
  • Integrated security circuit


  • The deep cycle battery provides power for days
  • Integrated AC inverter and multiple charging ports for all devices
  • Easily replaces a small generator


This is the best mobile power bank because not only does it offer standard USB charging, but it also has a 12 volt outlet for car charging and an AC outlet. This flexibility gives you the ability to power and charge almost any device. It uses a deep-cycle AGM 12 volt 14Ah lead-acid battery to deliver reliable long-term power equivalent to many small generators — noise-free and discharge-free.

This power bank weighs 12 pounds, so it’s not something you can pack, though dimensions of 7.75 x 5.75 x 6.75 inches will help you put it in a car or truck that is loaded with it. all your other equipment. Since the battery is essentially a marine battery, you need to prepare for your trip a day or two in advance, as it will take six hours to charge from home power, or eight hours in a car or RV. If you have a compatible solar charger, it will take up to 10 hours in optimal conditions to recharge it in the field.

Best Power Bank for iPhone and Smartphone

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 11 is the best power bank for smartphones.

Why did he cut: Convenience, convenience and convenience. Install the Juice Pack on your phone and you will hardly feel the change from your old box.

Key Features:

  • Customization for your specific phone
  • Doubles as a case for defense
  • Easier to use compared to external batteries


  • Easy to install and use
  • Your phone will retain access to all the camera buttons and lenses
  • Compatible with most wireless chargers


Nowadays, everyone is constantly on their phone. Whether making phone calls, taking photos, shooting videos, posting on social media or reading news, your battery is likely to run out quickly. As the best power bank for iPhone and smartphones, the Juice Pack gives you portable power so you can keep your device charged all the time on the ground or while traveling. This model will charge your phone at least once from full consumption.

If you change phones, you may need to grab a new case, but the good news is that Memphis is committed to continuing with the latest publications. It does not matter if you have an iPhone or an Android from a wide range of manufacturers, there is likely to be a juice pack for it, even if your new phone is useless.


I have been camping for years, and at the time, I had many different experiences with several different energy banks. These have given me insight into the best features of a good energy bank.

As I researched my choices, I searched several dozen manufacturers and models across multiple platforms, read reviews, and applied my first-hand experience to determine what works best in real-world applications. Reliability and versatility are the main focuses of my choices, and below are other key factors that went into my recommendations.

  • Size and weight: Will it fit in your purse or backpack and how much weight will it add to your package?
  • Capacity: How much power will it hold? This determines how long it can power a device and / or recharge other things.
  • Exit type: What kind of USB ports are there, and now many? What is the output of the amplifier for them?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a power bank?

Power bank is a device that will charge any electronic device that runs on batteries. They come in different shapes and sizes. Users should consider their priorities before buying an energy bank to determine which features will best serve them.

Question: How does a power bank work?

An energy bank operates by being charged from an energy source, be it an outlet, solar panel or car. Once charged, the power bank can be used to recharge various electronic devices, often on the move or in remote locations where electricity is not accessible.

Question: How long does it take a power bank to charge?

Every energy bank is different and there is not a certain amount of time it will take to charge. The size, capacity of the battery and the brand are just a few of the factors that determine how long an energy bank will need to be charged. It’s a good practical rule to prepare and allow plenty of time to recharge your power bank before embarking on your adventure, if possible.

Final thoughts on the best energy banks

There is no magic bullet to choose the best energy bank. Strictly looking at capacity does not tell you the whole story. If you need to charge some devices, look for more output ports. If size is a consideration, pay attention to weight and dimensions. The most important thing is to carefully consider your essential equipment and what you need to get from an energy bank.

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