The best snow blower for 2022

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Updated on October 20, 2022 at 13:44

A snow blower makes short work of removing snow that would take hours with a shovel. Snow blowers come in several sizes, types, and price points, so finding the best snow blower depends on several factors. Think about how much snow you have to move and how many times a year you will use a snow blower, and you can choose the best snow blower for your needs. Best of all, that shovel you’ve grown to hate will become an interesting object hanging on your garage wall.

Considerations when shopping for the best snow blowers

First you need to choose between a gas and electric snow blower. Both types have come a long way. Snowblowers with four-cycle engines run on straight gasoline instead of a mixture of oil and gas, which simplifies use. Gas machines tend to be heavier, but also heavier and much noisier than electric snow blowers. Some electric snow blowers are corded, some are cordless.

Then you need to decide on the type and size. Single-stage snow machines have a pole that collects the snow and pulls it out of the pit, while more expensive two-stage machines work faster because their rollers only have to move the snow as far as an impeller that does the actual blowing.

Snowblowers come in different widths capable of cutting larger swathes of snow, and add-ons like electric ignition, headlights, and heated grips add to the cost.

The car should also be suitable for the winter weather where you live. Consider how much snow you need to clear and how often you’ll use a snow blower as you sort through your options.

Need to clean large areas?

The best snow blower for clearing long driveways or sidewalks will be powerful enough to efficiently clear a wide area of ​​deep snow. A two-stage snow blower moves snow faster and throws it farther than a single-stage snow blower can, and it won’t sink into deeper drifts. The wider the clearing width, the fewer passes you’ll need to make to get the job done.

Extras that make snow removal easier include remote cranking hoses, electric start, zero-roll capability, heated grips and headlights, because snow doesn’t always fall during the day.

Best Snow Blower for Clearing Large Areas: Ariens Platinum

Ariens Platinum 24

With two tracked stages with all the bells and whistles, this snow blower handles any snow storm. The Arians

A top-of-the-line residential model, this Ariens snow blower features a fuel-efficient EFI engine that starts with the turn of a key and a single pull every time. As a four-cycle engine, it also runs on straight gasoline, not a mixture of fuel and oil.

With a 24-inch clearing width and a 14-inch auger inside an extra-long housing, the Platinum will make quick work of clearing snow from large areas. It can blow snow up to 55 meters, reducing the chance of moving the same snow twice. Self-propelled on rails, it has a zero-back feature that enables it to roll in place. Heated grips keep your hands warm while the headlights let you see what you’re doing.

Want an electric snow blower?

If you want low maintenance, zero emissions and quieter machinery, an electric snow blower could be a perfect choice. Cordless electric snow blowers have gotten bigger, more capable, and more popular.

Powered by rechargeable batteries instead of extension cords plugged into your home, cordless snow blowers aren’t limited by the length of a cord, nor are you in danger of tripping over a cord. Rechargeable batteries can provide up to 90 minutes of power.

Gas-powered models still have an edge in power and snow removal ability, but the best cordless snow blowers can clear all but the heaviest snowfalls.

Best Cordless Electric: EGO 24-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower

EGO Power+ 24 inch.  2 Stage Self Propelled Snow Blower with Battery and Max Power Charger Not Included Black

Dual battery power helps this two-stage cordless snow blower move a lot of snow. EGO Power+

The EGO Cordless Snow Blower has a clearing width of 24 inches, making it as large an electric machine as you can find. A two-stage snow blower, it can easily handle eight inches of snow while still being lighter, quieter and maintenance-free than a comparable gas machine.

The EGO Cordless Snow Blower also comes with a lot of extras. It is self-propelled and has both forward and reverse gears and headlights.

Need a smaller model?

If you don’t have a lot of storage space, a compact snow blower may be your best choice. While these aren’t as efficient as full-size models, some are still powerful enough for many residential needs.

Best Small: Toro Power Clear 21-inch

TORO 721 QZE Power Clear Single S

You’ll hardly know the 21-inch Power Clear is there until you need it. visit

A compact design allows this single-stage model to sit off-road with its handle folded in the garage until the snowflakes fall. Powered by a 212cc engine, the 21-inch scraper can eat through snow up to 12.5 inches deep and throw it 35 feet out of your driveway. An electric motor and self-propelled make this Toro snow blower easy to use.

Do you need to clear snow from gravel surfaces?

Two stage drives are the only way to go on a gravel drive. Since single-stage snow blowers rely on their pole to pile and throw, anything the rotor picks up flies out of the chute. A two-phase machine does not have this problem.

Best for Gravel: Troy Bilt 24-Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt 24 in.  Model 2410 Storm 2410 Electric Start Gas Self Propelled 24 Inch

This two-stage snow blower cleans your car without blowing grit. Troy-Bilt

Troy Bilt’s 24-inch two-stage snow blower is self-propelled, has an electric start and a wide 24-inch clearing width, as well as a remote crank-controlled chute. It can clear snow up to a foot deep, won’t throw gravel, and makes a good all-around choice even if your driveway is paved.

Do you need a professional grade snow blower?

If you routinely need to frequently clear deep snow from large areas and are willing to invest some money to be able to do the job efficiently, consider a commercial model. These are wider than residential models, but move a lot of snow.

Best Professional: Ariens Professional Hydro 36

Ariens Professional Hydro 36

If you routinely need to clear deep snow from large areas, the Ariens Professional Hydro 36 is an excellent choice. The Arians

Clearing a massive 36-inch swath through the deepest snow, the Ariens Professional has a hydrostatic transmission that is much simpler and longer lasting than most snow plow transmissions. Its 16-inch pole is capable of moving over 100 tons of snow per hour. It has all the extras you’d expect from a flagship model, including heated grips, power steering with auto-turn, headlights, dash control and electric ignition.

What you get for under $250

Not everyone lives where snowfall is measured in feet. If you only need to clear a few inches of snow in a small area every now and then, you don’t need a big, powerful machine.

You’ll give up a lot of features and snow removal power, but you probably won’t care. The least expensive models are corded electric cars. Your range will be limited by the length of your cord, and you’ll have to be careful not to overshoot it, but you’ll be able to clear light snowfalls with no problem. Even in snowy countries, some people keep a loose pattern on hand for days when they don’t want the hassle of uncovering their big pattern.

Best Budget: Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower

Greenworks 20 Inch Corded Snow Blower

The Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Snow Blower is right for light snowfalls and small driveways Greening works

Weighing just 32 pounds, the Greenworks Corded Snow Blower is small enough to get off the road and out to quickly work a few inches of snow. It’s easy enough to transport to a raised deck—a big plus for many homeowners. It starts with the push of a button, runs quietly, and cleans a 20-inch wide swath. You’ll want to spend more for a cold weather extension cord for better results, but even with that added cost, this is one of the best snow blower deals out there if you don’t need to move a lot of snow. .

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a two-stage snow blower?

A two-stage snow blower clears snow faster and throws it farther than a single-stage snow blower can. Distance matters because if your snowblower doesn’t throw snow very far, you often have to blow snow that you’ve already moved.

Should I buy a gas or electric snow blower?

Electric snow blowers have come a long way, and cordless models do away with cumbersome and potentially dangerous extension cords. Gas snowblowers will still move more snow, and they are heavier, which can be an advantage for maneuvering in the snow. But electrics are quieter and cleaner, and you won’t have to buy and store gas.

A final word on shopping for the best snow blowers

Buy the best snow blower you can because clearing snow with snow removal equipment that is too small for the job is frustrating and time consuming. A few dollars more will often make a big difference in efficiency.

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