The innovative watercraft of the abstract boat maker make a splash

A few weeks ago, we started hearing rumors about a new watercraft company building what seemed to be something of a raft / moving boat hybrid. Instead of a metal frame mounted on a raft, Abstract has created a carbon fiber deck that sticks through the straps, creating a solid floor and durable shedding deck for fishermen and rowers. Needless to say, our interest was immediately aroused. Check out the features and development process behind the innovative design, below!

Models 1

By Abstract Watercraft:

“Model 1 offers a platform for the innovative fisherman through thoughtful, functional design combining the lightweight agility of a inflatable dinghy with the durability and utility of a moving boat.

Driven by the fly fly community’s core knowledge and “essential” design details, Abstract Watercraft developed a river hybrid experience with the most important attributes for the guide: safety, versatility, functionality, durability, and comfort .

“This is the evolution of the downstream river.”

Prototype Building

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