The largest Walleye Man Boats ever caught in SC

the man holds a large wall

Walleye is a lake and state record. SCDNR

A couple of fishermen in South Carolina boarded a record state masonry boat during Memorial Day weekend. Chris Edlund, from Spartanburg, dived into the 10-pound, 1.44-ounce wall on May 29 in Lake Tugalo and his fishing partner, Dave Starzek, of Greer, threw the fishnet. Edlund and Starzek said they hit the water at 6:30 a.m. and had been trolling for less than two hours when they fixed the wall.

“When it came out, we were excited and we knew if this was not a record, it would be close,” Edlund said, according to an SCDNR news release from F&S. The fish broke the South Carolina standing record, a 10.0 pound caught in Lake Russell in 1994 by Robert Huskins. Because South Carolina regulations say any fish weighing less than 25 pounds must cross a record by at least two ounces in order to replace it, the Edlund fish will share the record with Huskins’s eye.

the man holds a large wall vertically
The wall was caught trolling. SCDNR

Walleye are not widely distributed in South Carolina, but the state has a breeding population along the Tugalo River on Lake Hartwell. Hartwell was one of four lakes targeted in a wall sock program from 1962 to 1972 and the only one that had a sustained reproductive population today.

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Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources also has a 597-acre mountain reservoir on Lake Tugalo on the Georgia-South Carolina border, operated by the Georgia Power Company, where Edlund made his final capture. The capture of Edlund and Starzek was not only a state record, but also set a new lake record for Tugalo, passing on top of an 8-pound, 15.02 ounce wall, captured in 2014 by Phyllis Henderson.

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