This popular Trail SpyPoint Camera is $40 right now

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Mobile trail cameras are all about convenience. They are one of those devices that, once you use them, it’s hard to go back to the old models. Once you start getting photos straight to your phone, going back will feel like rubbing sticks together for fire. The same can be said for the SpyPoint Link-Micro Solar Cellular Trail Cam—the manufacturer’s solar-charged cellular trail cam.

The Link-Micro S is $40 retail now at Bass Pro Shops. The solar model replaces the base model’s eight AA batteries with an attached solar panel and a rechargeable lithium battery. Running to your cameras with a box full of batteries becomes a thing of the past. Technically, if you’re setting up in full sun, the camera has infinite battery life. That said, SpyPoint doesn’t have an exact equation for how much sunlight is needed to fully charge the battery. But if you fully charge it before setting it up and get a few hours of full sun each day, you can expect the camera to work for weeks. Filtered or shaded sunlight won’t charge the camera as quickly, but it should keep your battery going.

SpyPoint LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Mobile Track Camera

In terms of specs, the SpyPoint Link-Micro is a pretty standard camera. Nothing extraordinary, but it will do everything you need. It has a fast 0.4 second shutter release, a good flash and 80-foot detection range, a foolproof setup, and best of all, your photos are sent directly to your smartphone. And between the two coverage options, Verizon and Nationwide, you can get a camera with coverage wherever you are. If you’re not sure, check SpyPoint’s coverage map.

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