Trade in your old hunting gear to save up to $100 at Cabela’s

Fall is approaching and that hunting season wish list is as long as it’s ever been. A new compound bow or bow would make your season, and a new pair of boots would be nice to have. But when you open your hunting closet, you’d be lucky to find shelf space for a new trail camera.

Luckily, Cabela’s is offering you a chance to trade in some of those gently used appliances for new appliances at a nice discount. And for a good cause too! Now through Thursday, September 7th, Cabela’s is accepting trade-ins on compound bows, crossbows, binoculars, laser rangefinders, trail cameras, and lightly worn hunting or rubber boots. They are donating all the gear to local non-profits focused on outdoor education.

In return—assuming your appliances are all in working order—you’ll receive a coupon you can use for up to $100 off new appliances. Savings work based on your purchase price, not the price of the device you return. For example, if you are buying a new bow that retails for over $800, you will save $100; a new bow between $600-$799.99, you’ll save $75; and so on. (For a look at potential savings, go to this page or call your nearest Cabela’s before setting up your device.)

To get your gears turning, here are some of our favorite Cabela’s trade deals going on right now.


The BlackOut NV-32 is already $50 off retail, selling for about $750, which would give you $75 in savings if you’re using a coupon trade-in. Coming home with you for $674.97, this bow would be a fraction of the price of everyone’s flagship models. But with an advertised 337 fps and a hybrid cam that allows for custom length-of-draw adjustments, this bow won’t look like a cheap deal.

SpyPoint trail cameras

SpyPoint Trail Cam

SpyPoint’s MICRO-LTE is already one of our favorite mobile cameras. Although the base version is already on sale at Cabela’s making it too cheap to qualify for trade credit, you can use that gently used device to get a new SpyPoint Flex or Solar MICRO-LTE. Both the Flex and Solar MICRO-LTE are in the $20 trade-in credit bracket, so you’ll be going home with a new camera phone for $110.

Cabela’s Boots

Cabela's Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots

Gore-Tex, insulated, rubber—every type of boot you’ll need this fall can be had at a good trade-in discount. Note, however, that due to the price range, $40 is the most you can save on the boots here. All in all, you’ll save about 20%, and most of these styles are already discounted. While there are many to choose from, we’d recommend the Zoned Comfort Trac for cold and wet slogs, the Treadfast Gore-Tex for long high country days and out West, or the Iron Ridge Gore-Tex for something versatile .

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