Truck carrying farmed salmon overturns on road, chaos ensues

Normally, when we write a story about farmed salmon escaping their enclosures, it happens at sea, but last week in Chile, salmon roamed the streets. It happened when a truck carrying 8,000 smolts was on its way to return the fish to their farm after they had received antiparasitic treatments.

After the crash, local people took to the streets with plastic bags, grabbing whatever fish they could get, while emergency officials assisted the truck driver.

“These smolts had received an antiparasitic treatment with the drug Lufenuron on June 28 and 29, so they were in a deficit period. This means that this antiparasitic can be harmful to human health, and therefore we ask the population not to consume these salmon under any circumstances,” said Carlos Manuel Becerra, an official at the Los Angeles Department of Health. Lagos, according to the report. Mundoaquicolaa publication of the Chilean salmon industry.

You can learn more in this story from Salmon Business.

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