Virginia Angler lands the Fallfish World Record with just two castes

Sometimes all it takes to reach a trophy is a single throw in the right place…

Any fisherman who has fished the rivers, streams and creeks of the East Coast will certainly be familiar with aquatic fish, a native species of fish in the cuckoo family, Cyprinidae. They are a common catch when they throw almost everything at a fly rod, and more often than not, they eat flies with more aggression than a trout.

Recently, Virginia fisherman Josh Dolin managed to catch not one, but two world record fish in as many castes. Now Josh is no stranger to breaking records as he works towards his goal of catching a trophy-sized catch on all 30 Virginia fish species. While Josh was trying to mark the fallen fish from his list, the magic happened…

“I did a cast and nothing,” says Dolin. “I was taking it with a tremor and a pause. On my second cast I stopped and the fish ate it while the spoon was flying. He fought like a fish three times his size and I thought I had a brown monster trout. I pulled him ashore after he led me to some trees and fought him for a few minutes. The state record was 3 £ 5 ounces, I put it on my certified spring scale and it immediately went to 3.5 pounds, so I knew I had a potential state record. ”

As it turns out, Josh’s fish weighed 3 pounds and 9.5 ounces on the official scale, beating the current world record by half an ounce.

“To beat a world record, it has to be 2 ounces above the existing world record, so it will tie the existing world record,” Dolin said. “It leaves me little space because I only made two castes and I know there is a bigger one there.”

You can read more about Josh’s world record in this article from Outdoor Life!

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