Waypoint TV Channel Now Available on Pluto TV

If you have a smart TV or Roku, you will likely have access to a little clicked app called Pluto TV. Pluto TV is a completely free broadcast network, which now features some of our favorite fishing shows, such as Silver kings, Guiding flowAND Housing class. So the next time you explode to beat flies, or just want to waste time, you will now have access to hours of fly fishing and outdoor content on Waypoint TV…

From Waypoint TV and Pluto:

Waypoint TV, the world’s leading entertainment destination for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure programs, announced today that the Waypoint TV channel is now available 24/7 on Pluto TV, the leading free-to-air television service.

The Waypoint TV channel features the world’s best content for fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure and will feature series such as Local Knowledge, Salt Water Experience, in Blue,

Housing Class, Silver Kings, Stomping Grounds, Chasing November, Struttinbuck, and more.

“Pluto TV offers hundreds of channels and libraries on demand 24/7 with programs from categories including sports, reality, classic TV, movies, home and DIY, music and more,” said Will Gurman, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Content Strategy in Paramount Streaming. “We are constantly expanding and looking for content that arouses the interest of our fans. We are excited to bring Waypoint TV to Pluto TV audiences where they can experience a range of recreational and outdoor sports from their free living room. ”

Waypoint TV continues to experience tremendous increases in viewership. Its distribution on Pluto TV positions Waypoint as the fastest growing and most distributed television channel for hunting and fishing programs.

“Pluto TV is one of the most popular broadcasting services in the world. I’ve been an avid service user for years now and I can not be more excited about this all together. With the launch of Waypoint TV on Pluto TV, we are offering millions of viewers instant access to the best fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure programs – for free. This is a great victory for all. “We have some great things coming up on the channel soon – make sure you stay tuned,” said Waypoint Builder Brock CEO.

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