Wild turkey hunted at Tennessee wedding party

A roaring swallow who interrupted the wedding photos of a Tennessee couple on the last weekend of the rooster’s season won an invitation to the party – in the form of shouts and crackles. The groom and several grooms came together to call the bird inside, while one of the guests threw it with a 15-foot kick.

Lauren and Cody Droke were posing for pictures an hour before their May 14 wedding at Cogan’s Farm, a 150-acre venue near Henderson, Tennessee, when a sound from the woods caught their attention.

“I heard an owl call and, of course, being a turkey hunter, I immediately tuned my ears to see if anything followed,” Cody says. F&S. “Of course, I thought I heard a weak swallow.”

It was the penultimate day of the turkey season and Cody had not yet filled out his label. “I was, Wow, I have to hear things. But the owl was released again and I could hear the swallowing a little clearer this time, “he says.” I asked Lauren, ‘Do you hear that turkey?’ “

“I could hear the owl, but I could not hear the turkey,” says Lauren. “I said, ‘I do not know what you are talking about.’ Growing up, she had accompanied her father on several turkey hunts. In the 10 years she and Cody have been together, she has gone hunting with him too, though she is not a great hunter herself.

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Groom in suits posing with the turkey
This is an indisputable proof that you do not need expensive kamo to hunt burnt swallows. Photographer Jud Davis

So how did a couple who enjoy their time in the spring forest manage to plan a wedding for the last weekend of the turkey season? “Normally I would have been labeled by then, so I thought it would be fine,” Cody says, laughing. As it turned out, he called some turkeys this spring. A friend shot one, but Cody lost his. So here he was, on the final day of the season, with an unfinished label, a wedding suit worn, and a hot swallow that lit up the woods.

As they continued to pose for wedding photographer Jud Davis, Cody continued to listen. “It was 16:00 and that turkey was shot. He was looking for something. My brother, Justin, and the rest of my crew got there, and I was saying to him, ‘Look, there’s a turkey hitting with a hammer.’ And he says: ‘You are lying. I doubt it very much. ‘”

Justin removed and the rooster answered. “At this point, we were thinking, Hmmm, okay. We will call him a little and see what happens“says Cody, who notices that his brother Justin has won several calling contests and called the bird using only his mouth. At the time, Lauren was taking pictures nearby with her bridesmaids. Whenever anyone at the bridal party laughed, the turkey swallowed.

“There are seven of us boys standing in the middle of this field, in suits, calling in turns,” Cody says with a laugh. “And I say, ‘This is ridiculous. That will never work. ‘ But at some point, we can say that he was getting closer. And of course, the girls yelled at us to come and take pictures. It was almost time for the wedding and we were like, “Who has a gun in their truck?”

As tempting as it might have been to go after the bird itself, Cody thought better of it and stayed in the photo session. His friend Will Wallace took his gun and asked the farm owner Cogan if he could go after the bird. With permission given, he placed in a row of trees about 100 feet[100 m]from where the bridegroom was called.

“One bird actually came out and got scared. We were 30 people there so far, taking pictures and we were like, ‘Oh, man, it’s over,’ Cody recalls. “Suddenly, we heard another swallow. There were two birds, but the second bird closed and did not come out. My brother rolled about 200 feet and approached that bird and started yelling. About two minutes later, the turkey came out 15 meters in front of Will and finished. “

All of this, from the first pale swallow to the shooting, lasted only 30 minutes and the groom’s party had plenty of time to take pictures of them at the new price before the wedding started.

the bride and groom kiss holding the dead rooster
The shooter made an unforgettable hunt and wedding. Photographer Jud Davis

Lauren was also a good sport for that. “I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever,” she says. “When he told me they were going to try to kill him, I said, ‘This would be a really nice wedding photo.’ So after they shot him, I said, ‘Bring me that turkey! I want to take my picture with him. ‘

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“It was such a big part of the day because everyone cheered when it hit and they got the turkey,” she says. “The whole wedding was screaming and it was a lot of fun. I know when I remember my wedding day, when I grow old and I do not remember anything, I will still remember that turkey. “

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