Wisconsin Hunter Arrows 190-Plus-Inch Whitetail Deer

Mitchell Stamm, 26, just arrowed the buck of a lifetime — a massive whitetail reaching over 190 inches. Stamm had some history with the buck, which he tagged while hunting on an 80-acre piece of private land in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. His father, who bought the property last winter, found the big buck sheds each of the last two years. The property manager had found the money shed a year ago, when it was just a 2-year-old. But Stamm, an avid bowhunter, hadn’t set eyes on it until this fall.

“The first time I saw him was on September 22. He got out and walked 65 yards and was chewing clover the whole time,” Stamm tells F&S. “Suddenly, a pile of goods filtered into the food parcel. Ten minutes later a doe grabbed my thermal and blew, clearing the entire field.”

hunter poses with big bucks
Stamm plans to make a pedestal mount of the dollar. Mitchell Stamm

But thankfully, that wasn’t the last time he saw the bruise. “A month later, I was sitting on a pond, and he came in after dark and lurked around me for 20 minutes, eventually got 15 feet away and drank from the pond while I waited for Johnny, the guy who lives there. to pick me up in his truck.”

Then, on October 30, it all came together during filming hours. That morning, Stamm and his father checked the trail cameras and refilled the “puddle” — a small watering hole — where the deer had recently been seen drinking. Stamm, who is a freelance videographer and photographer, was planning to take the evening off to run some errands. “Suddenly, I got a picture of a deer from my mobile camera. Right behind her was that dollar. I got out from behind my computer and almost ran into the tree stand,” he says. “About an hour later, I looked up and there it was, the doe and the doe—a doe. He was right behind her, going as slow as he could be—the slowest I’ve ever seen a deer go. He was just staying behind that doe, never losing sight of her.”

“The strange bear eventually came down to the pond and was drinking from it. Finally, the doe was also brought down, but it was outside the shooting range. Fortunately, the buck came right between the doe and the deer and got about 35 to 40 yards away from me. I had a small window to shoot and luckily I got a good shot. He did a 180, turned around, nose dived straight into the ground and then ran maybe 30 meters before landing.”

the hunter feasts in the forest
Stamm celebrates his accurate shot. Mitchell Stamm

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Stamm says the first time he saw the buck in the field, he had a fever so bad he doubts he would have been able to kill it. “But this time, something got to me and I was more focused when he was coming down the trail just looking for a good shooting lane,” he says. “All I could think was”get a good shot at him and hopefully he doesn’t go far.‘”

After dropping the money, he called his father, brother and the property manager, Johnny. They met Stamm in the stand of trees and climbed together to the fallen part. It was a shame; Shane Indrebo green scored and won 192 and 5/8 inches. “The walk was a pretty surreal moment — probably one of the best moments of my life,” says Stamm, who plans to share a full video of the hunt on his YouTube account. “My dad and I are a one-two punch when it comes to hunting. We just love doing things like this together, and it means a lot to me that he was there.”

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