Woolrich and Aimé Leon Dore publish the Fly Fishing-inspired collection

Haute couture has once again turned its eyes to butterfly fishing for inspiration. This time it comes from the American side of the pond by a Queens, NY-based stylist and a brand many of you know, Woolrich. The collection is entirely focused on butterfly fishing, in fact, the collection launch video (below) even features the subject beating what appears to be a presentable variant of deer hair.

Both designers describe the collection as: “Inspired by the heritage and lifestyle of the fishery, the collection features a new look of classic elements.” This becomes very noticeable as you scroll through the collection. And like most fly fishing products, most of the collection comes with plenty of adhesive hooks, where the most affordable parts are two hats.

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This collaboration can be considered relatively functional if you have no problem occasionally breaking a pair of $ 350 chain pants when slipping on a muddy bench. Woolrich and ALD even tossed a $ 425 fishing vest into the mix for the eager purist to impress in the fishing access parking lot.

Some highlights from the collection

“Technical clothing”

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We will accept the collection ‘Flie and outerwear leave us with little envy for the model…

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If you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket, you can check out the full collection, here!

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