YETI® releases YONDER™, their lightest bottle to date

Since the first YETI Rambler bottles hit the market a few years ago, the brand has changed the worldwide perception of performance drinks. Now, the Austin-based brand has released its first non-insulated bottle, YONDER. Check out the press release below for more information on the bottles and their design features!

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From YETI coolers:

YETI Coolers, LLC (“YETI”), a leading premium outdoor brand, today officially announced the introduction of its newest product line, the Yonder™ Drinkware Collection. The Yonder is YETI’s lightest water bottle yet and features two new sizes – 750mL ($25) and 1L ($28) – in four colors: Clear, Sea, Navy and Charcoal. Yonder’s thoughtful, lightweight design provides a premium drinking experience you can take on any adventure, while still delivering on the YETI promise of durability and performance in both materials and construction.

Like the world before the YETI Tundra, coolers were easily damaged and lacked the ability to thermally hold ice for days. Same with the world of plastic water bottles – Yonder, built with YETI durability while remaining lightweight will revolutionize the water bottle landscape. “As a leader in the beverage container space, we wanted to create a lighter bottle to address the specific needs expressed by our outdoor ambassadors and communities,” said Hannah Mara, VP, Product Management at YETI. “It’s light enough and strong enough to allow our ambassadors to go higher and further in nature, no matter how hard they push the limits.”

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The Yonder bottle is built to withstand shock, drop and freezing without loss of function and is 100 percent leak proof. The cap handle is designed to be attached or held so that users can effortlessly take it on the go. A lightweight drinking spout is carefully designed to drink more and spill less, and the full lid removal provides easy access for filling and cleaning, just like YETI’s insulated Rambler bottles. The ergonomic shape of the bottle includes a flat side making the bottle more comfortable to hold and grip, perfect for holding and drinking with one hand.

As part of its design process, YETI consulted closely with its ambassadors, a group of more than 150 men and women in the outdoors for a wide variety of activities, including world-renowned mountaineer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin and fellow his legendary mountaineer and mountaineer Conrad Anker. Their expertise provided critical insights that helped develop YETI’s lightest bottle yet.

“YETI already makes the best insulated beverage containers, and when I was asked to collaborate on a lighter weight water bottle, I was eager to provide my input,” said the athlete, renowned storyteller and YETI ambassador. , Jimmy Chin. “Yonder is the perfect drinkware option for anyone looking for a lightweight yet incredibly strong water bottle for outdoor adventures.”

To celebrate the launch, YETI put its newest product to the test, sending one of the first Yonder Bottles with ambassador and Olympic surfer John John Florence as he sailed from Hawaii to Fiji, covering over 3,000 miles in two weeks. The Yonder was the ideal bottle for the excursion given its reliable strength and lightweight design that made it easy for Florence to travel far, deep and high in the Fijian Islands.

Yonder will join YETI’s existing line of drinkware, coolers and outdoor gear on and in YETI retail stores today.

You can buy the YONDER bottle, here!

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