Yeti Yonder Review: I tried the non-insulated water bottle

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Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman or hiker, you likely know Yeti for its top-notch coolers and well-insulated mugs and glasses. The iconic brand has never had a non-insulated water bottle in its lineup—until now. As of today, you can finally get your hands on the Yeti Yonder, which is the first of its kind in the Yeti family. Made from durable yet lightweight BPA-free plastic—with zero insulation a la Nalgene—and a leak-proof lid, it’s designed for outdoor adventures of any kind.

I had to try the new Yeti water bottle for myself to find out if it lived up to the hype (and, more importantly, if it lived up to the brand’s stellar reputation). Here’s my honest Yeti Yonder review, plus all the details you need to know.

Yeti Yonder

What I love about the Yeti Yonder Water Bottle

Yeti just released a new water bottle—and I tried it first

To say I’m a huge Yeti fan would be an understatement – my husband and I have an entire cabinet in our kitchen dedicated just to Yeti drinks (not including all the coolers we have stored in the basement!) . So I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of love for the new Yeti Yonder water bottle. For starters, I love how easy it is. While I’ll be a Rambler evangelist until I die, I can’t deny that the typical Yeti stainless steel water bottle adds some real weight to my bag. Yonder, on the other hand, is easy to throw on the go and I barely notice it’s there. Because of that, I’d say it’s more portable and better for adventures than the Rambler if you’re trying to minimize your gear.

Even more important in my book is that it’s very durable – the plastic is apparently shatterproof – and that the lid is completely leak-proof. There’s nothing worse than spilling booze all over the contents of your pack. This isn’t a problem with the Yonder—the lid stays in place well with a point that runs away. Plus, it has a ridged edge for better grip. Finally, to sound totally shallow, I like how it looks. The colored plastic is sleek and modern and the clear water spout looks clean and aesthetically pleasing.

What I don’t like about Yeti Yonder

To be transparent, I was a bit biased from the start when I realized that Yonder is, well, not isolated. I like my cold drinks cold and my hot drinks hot. So a non-insulated water bottle doesn’t really appeal to me personally. I understand it’s “50% lighter than the Rambler”, which is great for hunting and hiking, but I’d probably sacrifice a little extra weight for some insulation. Also, because I’m a big straw cup person, I wish there was an option to attach a straw to the lid for easier drinking. But again, personal preference!

Final Thoughts

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As someone who owns enough Yeti products to possibly open her own display case (a bit dramatic, but we have an entire closet dedicated just to Yeti stuff), I’m very familiar with the brand and its drinkware. While I personally prefer insulated water bottles — like my favorite Yeti Rambler water bottle — I still like the Yeti Yonder. It is convenient, portable and easy to drink. Plus, the leak-proof lid makes it ideal for tossing in a hunting pack or clipping into your hiking bag before heading out on an adventure. Would I buy it again (or buy it as a gift for a friend)? Yes.

Where to buy the Yeti Yonder Water Bottle

Currently, Yeti Yonder is available directly from Yeti. Available in 25 and 34 ounce sizes, it comes in four of the brand’s most popular colors: Clear, Sea, Navy and Charcoal.

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